Destiny 2's Live Service Model is What Makes it So Effective

For better and for worse, Destiny 2 as a live service has been incredibly successful for Bungie. So much so that perhaps it'll never be what fans want it to become.

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13d ago
rippermcrip13d ago

A lot of people may not like it...

But the fact that it is successful ... means the fans like it.

SPEAKxTHExTRUTH13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Destiny has the gameplay that people enjoy. The guns look and feel excellent and the lore has gotten much better compared to D1’s non existent lore (unless you’re read it on a website). The micro transactions are fair and not pay to win in any way. It’s just a great game overall (tho the seasonal model is getting old and repetitive). I’ve been playing since day one and own all the expansions and look forward to more Destiny…

Gameseeker_Frampt13d ago

I don't think averaging 60k concurrent players on Steam charts is the sign of a successful game when compared to other live-service games. It has dedicated players and whales that fund Destiny 2 but even amongst them there are few that trust Bungie enough to get involved with their next game.

HeliosHex13d ago

Destiny was a great time killer for me for nearly ten years. But after the last expansion about the witch queen I just can't get into anymore. Completely burned out. Just looking at it makes me tired. The thought of getting caught up in a mindless loop again and again just doesn't get me going anymore. It will always have fans and obviously bee around for another 10 Or 50 years. But for me iam done. I'll totally see the movie based on the game when it comes out though.

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