Monster Hunter Rise's Xbox & PS Versions Are a Promising Sign for the Future of Console Ports

It's no surprise that Monster Hunter Rise is better on Xbox and PlayStation consoles than the Switch, but also comes with extra features.

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shinoff218366d ago

Sounds like their pretty good. Shame about the no physical release part.

Flawlessmic65d ago

Great game, working my way through it on gamepass now, will defs tide me over until hogwarts release.

badz14965d ago

the game was made for the Switch. of course the PS5 and the SX can run circles around it. but in terms of graphics, the downgrades from MHW were huge.

UncertainCategory65d ago

Yeah though.. it’s a little weird. Clearly World had more detail and densely packed assets, but it was running on a far, far worse engine. REengine is incredible.

So rise looks worse, but you can tell it’s built on a significantly superior foundation.

Makes you wonder what a true sequel to World would look like on REengine.