PS5 DualSense Edge Controller review: a luxury pad that misses the mark

The DualSense Edge Controller will clearly appeal to competitive PS5 gamers, but what about everybody else?

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3 reasons I love the DualSense Edge: The ultimate PlayStation 5 controller


As someone who plays PlayStation 5 most nights, I've been thinking recently about how much of my time I spend with a DualSense controller in my hands. It's a special bit of kit and with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, it's unlike any controller that came before it.

merlox47d ago

It’s a great controller. The only major issue is that the rubber grips will tear off eventually. But, you can get colored replacements from Extremerate. They come in multiple colors and are easy to install. Here’s a link to their site, if curious.


NautilusXIII46d ago

Same thing that happened to mine. I did buy the grips, but then later bought their controller shell the day they were available for purchase.

Bathyj47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I would love to see first person shooters allow you to use the VR controllers as motion controllers. I just bought a gunstock for VR but how good would it be if you could use that in any first person or third person shooter?

Probably wouldn't work. It needs the headset for tracking. I can dream but, if you played it on the headset.

andy8546d ago

I have a giftcard and i want one as I have thumb issues sometimes so this will help a lot but I've been holding off for a discount. I can't believe it's not really had one yet since launch. Expected one on black Friday

FernDiggidy46d ago

I fucking looove this thing. A bit pricey But I love it.

GoodnessGreatness46d ago

It's a great controller but the battery life is absolutely terrible. 3 hours of gameplay and it's already low, it might as well be a wired controller 🤦‍♂️


DualSense Edge Users Play Games For Longer Periods On PS5, Shows Research

A study shows that DualSense Edge users are playing games for over 30 hours, with more sessions and variety compared to the rest on the PS5.

Jin_Sakai185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

When you spend $200 on a controller you tend to use it pretty often.

phoenixwing184d ago

Also the people who buy expensive controllers will be ppl more passionate about the video game hobby.

Eonjay184d ago

It makes sense that people playing more would desire a more durable controller.

Sonic1881184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I like the fact if you get stick drift, you can replace the joysticks

Jin_Sakai184d ago

True, but you could literally buy 3 brand new DualSense controllers should you get stick drift for the price of the Edge controller.

Sonic1881184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

But what if you get stick drift with those controllers in the future. You will have to pay $70 dollars for a replacement. The dualsense edge joysticks 🕹 only cost $19.99 to replace

Stanjara184d ago

So increasing PsPlus prices are going to result in longer online playing?

IMissJimRyan184d ago

Of course, those willing to pay a lot of money for a controller are those that are deeper in addiction and dependence.

IMissJimRyan184d ago

People enjoy alcohol, drugs and a lot of stuff. But most people that buy an expensive controller are way beyond enjoying games and are truly addicted. When something become the thing you most spend time everyday after sleeping, that's an addiction.
You can say it's an escapism or something like it and it's true. But it's an addiction nonetheless. Like other addiction those who use it tend to deny they are dependent.

Tacoboto184d ago

If you think that about gamers why are you even on a gaming site?

IMissJimRyan184d ago

I just don't pretend that games are not an addiction.

Tacoboto184d ago

I guess the spatula and grill I bought are really just enablers to my grilling addiction...

You're full of wisdom.

Sephiroushin184d ago

I hardly play and when i do i usually use m&k but i have 2 elites ... You know some people won't break their bank for buying a "pro" controller which is more expensive... Also i am not addicted to work which is the thing i do the most after i wake up thanks.

Mr_cheese184d ago

Make it make sense.

Going straight to addiction as your reasoning shows more issues with you than it does with those you're trying to pin

Amplitude184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

That's a horrible and completely incorrect way of looking at this. Saying anybody that buys a good controller is addicted to video games on the same level as alcohol and drugs is bats**t insane lol

I have a $300 custom PS5 controller with 4 back paddles, swappable sticks and adjustable L2/R2 buttons as well as a third party XBox Elite knockoff controller but I only play games maybe a few times per week.
Hell, if Microsoft made an actual Elite controller and added gyro and a trackpad to it, I'd immediately go buy that right now no matter what the cost was (no controller exists that lets you map back 4 paddles to macros {like "Start Recording") in Steam like the Elite controller, but with gyro and a trackpad)

Once you get used to a good controller with back paddles it's really hard to go back to face buttons. Can't even move the camera while reloading or jumping! Insanity. I work full time, I'm not addicted to playing video games. I'd just rather drop the extra money for a controller that does what I want, feels nice for when I do play, arguably gives me a skill boost and lasts a long time. It's not for everyone but it's worth the cost to me and a lot of other non-video-game-addicted people.

Rimeskeem184d ago

Do you know what addiction and dependence are?

Seraphim184d ago (Edited 184d ago )


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z2g184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I’d imagine someone who spends 200 on a controller plays a lot of games… enough to seek out a 200 controller. This is kinda like saying people who buy cars spend more time driving cars.

Popsicle184d ago

Is this supposed to be a surprise?