Atomic Heart – 14 Details You Need To Know

GB: "The immersive action RPG shooter finally launches on February 21st for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Here's what you need to know."

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SullysCigar14d ago

I so want this to be awesome. Don't let me down team!

lonewolf1013d ago

Yes indeed, fingers crossed on this one.

SullysCigar13d ago

It just looks so different and fresh. Looks intense too!

lonewolf1013d ago

Does look quite mad so far, the enemies are adaptive/AI directed depending on how you play which sounds great.

shinoff218314d ago

I'm so pumped for this one. Been watching it for years. It's a shooter though

shinoff218313d ago

Probably gonna try it on gamepass, I was planning on picking this up physically but just read there will be 4 dlc packs. So if I like it I'll wait and see if they come with a re release in a year or so.

Glad it doesn't have multi-player, let them focus on the single player, not every game needs to have multi-player.

Pickledpepper13d ago

Dead space remake will keep me occupied till this drops.
Exciting months ahead

JeffGUNZ12d ago

Is the dead space remake just a next gen version of it or is the story/encounters all different?

KrillinShine13d ago

They missed one - it will have Denuvo.

electroblood13d ago

Yep. Came here to say this. Thats a pass for me.

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