Forspoken PS5 Review - A Failed Execution Of A Great Concept - The Koalition

Tatjana Vejnovic of The Koalition writes: Revealed as “Project Athia” back in June 2020, Forspoken is an action RPG from Luminous Productions, a new team formed by many members of the Final Fantasy XV team. The story’s concept was written by Amy Hennig, the woman behind the Uncharted series and many other critically-acclaimed games. Forspoken’s story – in concept – is very interesting. Its execution, however, is far less than.

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rbailey62d ago

A very underwhelming start to the new year as far as game releases are concerned.

SullysCigar62d ago

That headline is exactly how the demo left me feeling. I was pumped after the initial reveal.

I'm sure others will enjoy it - I know many did enjoy the demo, we're all different at the end of the day.

EvertonFC62d ago

I enjoyed the demo the 2nd time I gave it a go, but it was still NO from me tbh.
I think the scorers will be all over the place on this one.

CR7JUVE189762d ago

Game looks as if it will be somewhere in the 7's when all is said and done. This is the first one I've seen on here less than 7. And no, I am not simping for this game. I have no intention of getting it

bangoskank62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

There's also a 9 review score posted here but people suspiciously don't comment on that article.

lodossrage62d ago

that's how this site is.

It's because people have agendas to push. a game can have 9's and 10's all over the place. But the one or two reviews that are low somehow get "hot" fast and the most comments.

SullysCigar62d ago

That's not what's happening here. That 9 is the highest review score so far. This 5/10 is not the lowest score.

It's current average on N4G is 6.9/10, because reviews are mixed.

There's no conspiracy, that's just how it is. You can still buy and enjoy it. I hope you do.

lodossrage62d ago

I'm buying it. I'm not one of these people that have to be "told" to like something.

But the point I was trying to convey is that there are people here that will make a point to gravitate to the negative even if the game is getting 9's and 10's. It may not be reflecting this time (rare) but normally that's what happens here.

-Foxtrot62d ago

It’s one out of a dozen 🤷🏻‍♂️

bangoskank62d ago

I'm curious to see how it runs on my 6800XT, which it was optimized for. Guess I lucked out there. Maybe not. Definitely gonna buy this weekend and see. I actually enjoyed the demo and wanted to play more.

Eidolon62d ago

There's plenty of people commenting on it about how people only comment on the low scores.

FACTUAL evidence62d ago

This is what the ps+ catalogue is for. I’ll wait for it to be on there or get it free from ps+. The game looks nowhere near what it was on it’s showcase.

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