Should Launch Buyers Of The Callisto Protocol Get Free DLC

With the less than expected sales for the game, mixed reviews, and drop in price so close to release; a new Opinion Piece asks if the publisher should make a good faith gesture by offering the DLC for free in lieu of refunds of price adjustments for those who purchased the game at or close to launch for full price.

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z2g68d ago

only if it was promised to us beforehand... and it wasn't. i mean buying a new game is a decision you make as a consumer and until the game comes out, you don't really know what to expect. if you want to be responsible and wait for the reviews to come out then you can certainly do that. it could save you from buying a game that rated poorly. therefore its on you to make the purchasing decisions you make and i don't think a studio should owe you anything if the game didn't sell as well or review as high as they wanted. of course every studio wants all of their games to be amazing and of course they are going to hype them up. but thats not an excuse to make bad purchasing decisions or feel owed something.

Garethvk68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I do think there is an implied trust that a new game will not see a dramatic price reduction mere weeks after release especially when there is no option like most consumer products to return it for a refund or ask for a price adjustment.

Dirtnapstor67d ago

Agreed. I'm enjoying the game. It'd be awesome if they offered up the DLC for free, but we are owed nothing. Preordering or purchasing games prior to you doing your homework... it's a crapshoot in some cases.
I honestly expected more of a fleshed out experience considering who the Dev is, but generally speaking, it is a solid game.

HeliosHex65d ago

@z2g. Dam epic response. Agree 100%

Tacoboto68d ago

They already attached death animations to the Season Pass and it's a single player game, what incentive would Striking Distance have to take resources away from bug fixes and working on the future content?

Garethvk68d ago

Consumer good will. The game already has enough negative publicity and now they are rewarding those who took the leap and pre-purchased or paid full retail by selling it for 30% less just a few weeks later. So when consumers in the future say new I.P. I will wait and companies like Krafton complain about not making costs or objectives they will know why.

Tacoboto68d ago

Outside of Call of Duty and first party exclusives, what games don't go for big sales a few weeks after release, especially at holiday time? Gotham Knights and Sonic Frontier were going for up to 50% off for black Friday and that was after Sonic being out just two weeks.

That's been a reality of gaming sales for a very long time. I'll guarantee you that Forspoken will be available for the high $30s or low $40s by or before spring sales in March. Considering reviews maybe even $34.99

Garethvk68d ago

Then publishers cannot blame anyone but themselves for declining sales

EvertonFC68d ago

I've done 3 playthroughs day1 owner of standard edition so why would I expect free dlc ? If I didn't buy the deluxe edition.
Games been great imo but then again I'm not a fanny like today's gamers.

Garethvk68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

You buy an appliance at $70.00 and less than 6 weeks later the same appliance is $49.99 or less. Wouldn't you expect a price adjustment.

EvertonFC68d ago

CP was £55 at launch not £70 and I assume you've lived on the moon cause most games are discounted after 4 weeks or so

Eidolon67d ago

That's not too bad after 6 weeks, and you get pre-order discounts. Everyone who buys new games knows the risk, that it's going to drop in price after release.

CorndogBurglar67d ago

No. If that were the case then why wouldn't the companies just launch at a lower price to begin with instead of having to go through all the trouble of adjusting prices for people that bought it at a higher price.

You bought the game at a certain price. Which is the standard price for new games. You aren't owed anything if the price drops later.

FingerAction68d ago

Until this game hits like $30 I ain't buying it.

Eidolon67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

My major complaint was the controls/clunkiness, I would not go through another playthrough, because of that probably, even later on. While even the original Dead Space, I would, but still getting through DS3 on PS3.

EvertonFC67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

If you don't like the controls you ain't gonna like Deadspace either then.
I knew as soon as gamers were moaning deadspace will get the same treatment.
Tbh I didn't find anything wrong with the controls or clunkiness of CP
Why do you play DS and not mention controls or clunkiness ? Cause there very alike in that regard.

Eidolon67d ago

Played Dead Space maybe 8 years ago? I don't remember it being clunky, and I cared about that back then as well, e.g. it's the only reason I could not even get 1 hr into Dead Rising around the same year, because that game was clunky af. Dead Space 3 isn't as clunky as Callisto Protocol either. I'll load up Dead Space 1 on my PS3 later to make sure.

hotnickles68d ago

If they did not meet expectations then freebies are the last thing you should expect. Just being real. Early adopters always get screwed it comes with the luxury.

Garethvk68d ago

Then a refund should be an option or at the least a price adjustment as developers cannot stick it to consumers and then cry about not making sales goals. It gives me zero incentive to buy another one of their products at or near launch again.

hotnickles68d ago

“ It gives me zero incentive to buy another one of their products at or near launch again.”

Indeed. Still shouldn’t expect any favors.

Garethvk68d ago

I dont as working with and for publishers I know how money is all that matters. It is interesting though how many on fan groups agree they should do something where on here they say no. Reddit seems divided so it is an interesting topic.

hotnickles68d ago

I agree with incentives 100% of the time. Realistically though, nothing is going to happen.

IanTH67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

It's the free market at work. You don't get refunds for stocks that tank the day after you buy them.

Problem also being that they can't offer adjustments indefinitely, or they'd just sell the game at launch at whatever the first sale price would be. And if they chose, say, a 6 week window where they'd price match, they'd just not put a game on sale until 6 weeks 1 day later, and people would also know not to look for a sale until then, probably effing up their metrics for interest (and extrapolations for sales estimates, etc).

Perhaps that's a good enough metric to keep you feeling your day 1 purchase was worth it, but still doesn't help someone who buys it 41 days after launch and finding it on sale a couple days after. It's pretty much always going to be a "caveat emptor" situation. If you don't like to worry about sale price, Nintendo published games are your best bet. But otherwise, the market has pretty much taught us to wait if that's a thing we care about.

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