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Exclusive against Exclusive

By William Martin van Dijk:

"We review the most important exclusive titles for the 360 and PS3. A look at the past, present and future of two consoles. Although there are three consoles to choose, it is clear that Wii is in another league. Both consoles have proved their power and quality through games luxury. Microsoft has dealt several blows to the hegemony of Sony in the exclusive field: in memory is the announcement of GTA IV for 360 with Peter Moore, wearing a stunning tattoo, or the confirmation Final Fantasy XIII going multiplatform.

After a trip like this would be nothing short of absurd to make an absolute conclusion about wich one is the best console in terms of exclusives, The Xbox360 has a major advantage in terms of exclusive titles, either for having appeared before in the market, or for to have more support from certain companies.The PlayStation 3 is fortunate to have one of the best games in history, the almighty Metal Gear Solid 4. Despite this, it falls short in comparison of the Xbox 360, which has a more diverse, catalogue of exclusives".

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PS3ALLDAY1224764d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Bad Translation, full of misinformation
T-Baggins4764d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
15 pages of poorly translated text? No thanx.
Oner4764d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
✔ Fixed
Broken link
the link goes to a Warhammer article
meepmoopmeep4764d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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pansenbaer4764d ago

Dear Lord, 15 pages of poorly translated English? No thank you!

Snake Raiser4764d ago



That makes almost as much sense as this article.

mindedone4764d ago

until after the third sentence

colonel1794764d ago

Dear Lord, 15 pages of poorly written Spanish? No thank you!

I don't know who wrote this article, but he needs to go back to elementary school

Lord Anubis4764d ago

your first language is Spanish and you cannot understand castellano. You are right, you need to go back to school.

HDgamer4764d ago

This is why you don't use language translators from websites.

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Snake Raiser4764d ago


WTF is this article trying to tell me!!?!?!

Graphics Whore4764d ago

"PlayStation 3 is fortunate to have one of the best games in history, the almighty Metal Gear Solid 4. Despite this, it falls short in comparison of the Xbox 360, which has a more diverse, catalogue of exclusives".

Like... ?! Exclusive means exclusive to the console, if it's on PC it's not exclusive, by the way you can't spin how hard Sony rocked 2008 with exclusives.

mynd4764d ago

"Exclusive-excluding or tending to exclude."
As in excluding the PS3.
It's an exclusive club, as in not you buddy, only PC and 360.
Exclusive does not mean only on 360, it means NOT on PS3.

Graphics Whore4764d ago

When people say Exclusive to Xbox 360 and it's on PC how do you argue that? Exclusive exluding PS3 but not PC, be SMART not SMRT.

ICUP4764d ago

I a ps3 and a great PC so no need to buy a 3FIXME. :)

BWS19824764d ago

from console makers is usually "ONLY ON [ENTER CONSOLE NAME HERE]!!!" They'll have to put a spin on the classic slogan to be truthful...

mynd4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

While you could say "console exclusive" as in only on this particular console, or you could say Microsoft exclusive, as in PC and 360. "Only on Xbox360" is always correct at time of publishing. They tend to do it with timed exclusives etc.
Exclusive, I guess tends to mean, exclusive to that console.

Either way, you aint getting it on the other console.
People always like to try and say, oh but it's on PC. I say, big fat hairy deal, it aint on the PS3.

pippoppow4764d ago

Means nothing if I can play it on my PC. Many gamers, I would think have a PC capable of playing most games at least on a low setting. MS is mostly all about "console exclusive" DLC, timed exclusives and games you can get on PC beacause they hardly have any 1st or 2nd party Devs. True exclusives are real selling points especially if you already have a decent PC.

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midgetsanx4764d ago

LOL AT Ratchet and Clank : Armed to the Teeth..

power of Green 4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

What's with the thousnads of exclusive vs exclusive, PS3 will own in 2009 news posts?

Good lord we see them every year when things don't bold well for Sony.

I say MSFT has so much support due to their success MSFT is going to smash the competition with software releases, friggin devs must be begging to make a game on the Xbox. No need for MSFT to boast games years before they're ready, there never was lol.

EDIT: Let it all out, its alright you can vent on me

*pushes PS3 fan off*

*says Hug time is over*

*changes wet shirt*

Graphics Whore4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

Right, Microsoft was to destroy Sony with exclusives and look how it turned out, Sony destroyed Microsoft with exclusives.

Lol, I'm not venting you're just the most ignorant person out there, if you go by Metacritic ratings, Sony performed HIGHER than Microsoft, how do you argue with facts?

gijose4764d ago

thanks graphics whore, for being the most factual person on this board.