Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Director on Linearity & Branching Storyline Complaints: "Players Expected More"

Cyberpunk 2077 quest director Pawel Sasko has responded in depth to a fan's question regarding the game's criticism that it is too linear.

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Flewid63856d ago

Just give me a true third person update and I will live in this game.

Hofstaderman56d ago

I never understood why this was removed as the customisation options for your character is considerable.

enkiduxiv56d ago

While the game lacked a lot of binary decision making that players come to expect from Western RPGs, a lot of choices did impact the game’s endings. It was definitely the high point of the experience for me personally.

I still think they needed to tie the player’s decisions in The Heist to the end game content better. They didn’t do this very well and I think the end result is an experience that only seems to change in the game’s final act.

combolock55d ago

Should have said, "Players expect something."

Because you didn't deliver much of any of "branching storylines".

I have no idea why people are trying to pretend this game was great, just needed some "more" of one thing or another.

There was literally no buildings you could enter or even side minigames in a "open-world".

The world is literally just there for your missions, and is completely soulless without them.