Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker Actor Yuri Lowenthal Teases The Sequel

Spider-Man star Yuri Lowenthal has confirmed he's still working on Insomniac's upcoming sequel, describing the game as "astonishing."

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-Foxtrot15d ago

Really hope they’ve changed the mo cap actor again either get the original back or get someone who looked like him

The Tom Holland one is so off putting and dose t have that mature worn down Spiderman look like the first one had. We need someone who actually looks older than Miles

Rocketisleague13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Agreed, loved the first game, bitllut I can't take the younger mocap seriously after playing the original.

Its like a terrible actor replacement in a series. Don't do it unless it's needed.

Jesus the things that happen from gen to gen are mental these days. A remastered collection 10 years later used to be a its a 'more HD' upgrade a few years later and a then a potential remake with minor changes. Spiderman already on its second mo cap!

And then you have MS who just gave up making games altogether.

Wonder how many months until we get a god of war remake

CobraKai13d ago

I thought I was over it, then I see the new guy and hate his face. PS4 is still the superior version.

SinisterKieran13d ago

at this point...who could care? its out this year apparently, i think its time to show it.

CrimsonWing6913d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Why haven’t they shown anything yet? We got full gameplay previews like a year before release with the first game.