Are Achievements Bad For Video Games

Paul Hang: Every gamer knows how iconic that little sound effect is when you get an achievement. However, there are those that aren’t fans of it.

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SullysCigar137d ago

Seems like a bit of a non-issue to me. If you're not interested in achievements or trophies, either ignore them or just turn off the notification. At that point, they effectively cease to exist for you, but at the same time others can continue to enjoy them.

lodossrage137d ago

Yeah I never understood this argument either. It's not as if trophies and achievements are mandatory for a person to enjoy a game. If you want to be a hunter, great. If not, that's great too.

isarai137d ago

They killed cheat codes because devs don't want you to earn them too easily. Also some devs use a simple trophy/achievement as a reward rather than an actual satisfying in-game reward for collectible, which is just lame.

LeeFender137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

There are plenty of games that give you plenty of ingame rewards. What are you talking about? Look at Final Fantasy XV, or any of the AC games for 100% stuff in the games. They give you armor or other rewards.

jambola136d ago

and games like tony hawk remaster or uncharted prove that's on the developers, not the achievements

blackblades136d ago

Yeah and we had this talk in ps3/360 and ps4/one era

Orchard137d ago


If anything, it feels really bare now when you play on a platform without achievements (Switch) or with less focus on achievements (Steam).

Knightofelemia136d ago

Trophy and achievements are fun to unlock. Games that pop trophies and achievements just by making a burger jump is stupid. Games that rely on online to unlock trophies and achievements I stay away from. Games that have the next to near impossible trophies and achievements are a pain in the ass. Honestly if the game is fun I don't mind unlocking the trophies or achievements for it. I had fun getting the platinum trophy for Days Gone and Horizon also enjoyed getting the platinum for RE7 and RE8. Honestly I don't care either way I enjoy not getting trophies or achievements on my Switch, half the time in some games a trophy pops I don't care. I will only care if the game turns out to be fun and I am having a great time playing the game.

TheGreatGazoo30136d ago


Some people are OCD or at lease OCD when it comes to video games. For them, sure I guess. Maybe don't have need to get every ? and see every marker on a map and just play the game. If you live the game, sure, look at the achievements after and see if there is anything you're close to and go for it.

jambola136d ago

I think it can be depending on the person
having a lot of pokemon is great, but if you're a person who has a need to collect everyone, it's a nightmare
same with side quests, collectibles etc
just like anything it has it's benefits and drawbacks

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