What We Want From PlayStation in 2023

Devin Rardin: Let's look at 2023 and dream about what we want most from PlayStation, including new games and updated services.

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crazyCoconuts246d ago

Outside of the games, I'm interested to see what media molecule has been doing. I've been wondering if they plan on integrating a PS5 & PSVR2 compatible version of Dreams into the Create button somehow, along with an easy to access catalog of user created content.

Rimeskeem246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

I just want to know what is going on in the studios. I'm not worried but it would be nice to see what Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, BluePoint, Housemarque, and perhaps Bend are doing.

Orchard246d ago


- more games announced (2023 looks dry so far)
- refreshed OS
- reworked PS+ subscription to provide better value
- revive some old franchises (SF, SOCOM, KZ etc)

Hofstaderman246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

If you think PS5 is dry then XBOX must be dust.

Spider-Man 2
Final Fantasy XVI
Horizon Burning Shores
Unannounced third party titles

The above is still a drop in the ocean.

Try harder.

Oh and PSVR launch with 20 of its own supported games.

lodossrage246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

to add to hofstadern's list

Rise of the Ronin, Final Fantasy 7 rebirth, Granblue Fantasy Relink are also 2023 games.

Edit - Forspoken games out this month too

Chevalier246d ago (Edited 246d ago )


He can't try harder, doesn't have any real ammo so 🤷 just expect a bunch of goalpost to be moved so far they're in other stadiums. But other budget systems and expect free passes; don't even need effort of games either.

As for Xbox being dust? Pretty sure you meant ashes.

@Lodoss and Hofstader

But 3rd party exclusives are evil! They don't even count. Seriously though it's not a surprise idiots going blind moving goalpost. Not sure it can be a 'dry year' especially when the other systems list are a bunch of wishful thinking about all these games just starting development being 'just around the corner'. So many 3rd party exclusives on top of the 1st party games we know about.

blackblades246d ago

Heard they have something in March that they will be announcing multiple titles but of course you cant trust shyt said on Twitter.

shinoff2183246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

2023 is hardly dry. There's everything listed by hof

Legend of heroes has a couple coming out(can't get on xbox) there's other jrpgs and other Japanese games coming also that won't touch Xbox. To say sonys release schedule is dry is clear your just full of sh and trying to hype up ur green machine.

Starfield looks dope to me and maybe one other one or so but not alot on ms s side

Then your kidding yourself if you think all those games ms announced for 23 make it out cause from the precedent ms has set. Nope they won't.

Flawlessmic246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Refreshed os?

It has the best of 3 hands down already, it's super quick and every loads quickly, nice and simple to use, very clear, what are you on about

Forspoken - jury out soon
Spider man
If those big 3 deliver which we know they will that's a great yr 3-4 big exclusives a yr is standard how is that dry?

Xbox 2022 was dryer than a granny's crotch.

And just like you lovedddd to point put last yr for Sony I'll do the same for xbox, the only reason this yr looks good is cause of all the delayed titles which you discounted Sonys good yr last because of thay so you should do the same for Ms.

Only difference is Sony's is providing banger games every yr consistently, they have never had an actual dry patch.

I Wouldn't mind seeing some old franchises revived but that just you nitpicking cause u know that won't be happen.

Ps+ is already great value, you hate Sony and would prefer them to go out of business by putting 1st Larry exclusives day and date or them watering those games down so u can bag them out some more.

Crows90246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Ps+ subscription is better value than gamepass. Gamepass is for the folks that won't support MS first party.

The OS is better than the MS garbage.

Spiderman 2 alone is more of a guaranteed success than any Ms title next year....including starfield ...which may flop hard...since well its not on the platform where it would make the most money.

The3faces246d ago

Ps+ better than gamepass? Uh Ok

Crows90246d ago


I'm glad you accept.

S2Killinit246d ago


What Sony needs to do:

- keep delivering better games than xbox has ever had (2023 looks set to be yet another awesome year for PlayStation)
- keep the best os and build on it
- continue to offer better value than gamepass.
- release awesome VR titles not playable on xbox.

Destiny1080246d ago

xbox is so bad not even Orchard wants one

SurgicalMenace246d ago

He doesn't have one because there's no reason to have it. I know because I bought one and I don't have one reason to play it. I like Ori and Forza, but those are both games I could have played on my XB1X.

SurgicalMenace246d ago

Orchard only hates PS because it requires you to actually pay to play. He'd like as many new releases as possible to be offered on PS+, though their games have more impact at full retail than any 1st party games offered on GP. Sony is a confident company that takes risks to progress the industry towards new heights. Why anyone would hate that, I'm not sure. It has to be based on finances even if it's not openly admitted. What other reason would there be?

246d ago
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monkey602246d ago

I want Little Devil Inside! Where is it?!

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gold_drake4h ago

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nishanth1232h ago

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Babadook71h ago(Edited 1h ago)

This winter meaning this year, I hope.