343 Industries Will Continue Developing Halo

Official Halo Twitter account says that Master Chief is here to stay.

Orchard494d ago

This rumor was immediately debunked by various outlets including Bloomberg etc, so I’m not super surprised by this statement.

That being said, I think their time is up and they should give ID software the chance to make a Halo game.

Sonyslave3494d ago

They both can make halo game🤔

Orchard494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Touché. Fair point.

They’re also going to inherit a lot of heavily experienced FPS studios with Activision Blizzard so maybe let some of them have a bash at the MP too.

DazaMc494d ago

Halo red, Halo blue. FIGHT!

VenomUK493d ago

IF, the next Halo game takes has development problems and takes an excessively long time for its release and it is not a clean launch and has missing features, then the blame goes right to the top of Xbox.

I wonder if we what we'll see is that 343i continues to 'develop Halo' whilst another studio, like Id Software is brought in to partner with it, like with the new Perfect Dark game which is being 'developed by the initiative' but has brought in Crystal Dynamics to make it.

Profchaos494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

I don't want to see a id software halo my preference is to see id continue to make doom and quake style games.

I feel like they have doom style games embedded in their DNA and any switch to open world of open level style games like halo just never works for them eg rage.

There's surely another team that isn't 343 that can take this is honestly like to see the coalition try halo they have been an amazing team

Sonic1881494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

I know right. I'm not interested in an ID software Halo. I rather have them make a new IP

InUrFoxHole494d ago

Idk man 343 just showed with infinite, they get the halo feel and gameplay. The story was great. They lacked content and features.

Jin_Sakai494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

“ 343 Industries Will Continue Developing Halo”

Boo. Just let someone else do it! You guys have failed in one way or another with every entry. Let another developer have a go at make Halo.

RauLeCreuset493d ago

I'm not making any predictions, but if it's of comfort to you, nothing in that tweet states that 343 will continue to LEAD development for future Halo titles or develop story content for Halo Infinite.

Obscure_Observer493d ago

First time I read about that stupid rumor here on N4G, I´d warned some delusional people that they were about for disappointment. Lol.

It didn´t take long. XD

RaidenBlack493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

If Acti-B deal goes through, then it'd be a pretty good decision to make a new studio, borrowing devs from CoD studios, to develop future Halo games.
IW made a stellar space CoD game ... the interest is already there tbh.
And ofcourse the deal comes with Starcraft and Overwatch folks as well.
But ...
The deal's controversial, so its better to take help from ID for the time being and maybe Arkane Ausitn as well?
MS has also got Roundhouse Studios, who worked on Brink and are the developer behind OG Prey.
And Finally there's Coalition and their tech expertise, the studio to save other studios.

DefenderOfDoom2493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

We need ID SOFTWARE to work on QUAKE and DOOM or a new IP.

sadraiden493d ago

Or.... they could make an entirely new franchise and actually innovate.

Why the hell would you want iD to stop working on iD projects to make Halo 12?

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Profchaos494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Give halo to the coalition they do incredible work and basically revived gears and drive new graphics and tech they could make a ue5 based halo look like a flagship game unlike 343 and the slipstream engine

Sciurus_vulgaris494d ago

Then who would develop Gears? Not mention both Studios be rampantly criticized for abandoning their respective franchises.

cthulhucultist493d ago

It seems that Coalition already works on various projects (not just Gears)


So the capacity is there. If however all secondary projects are side projects of small scale, then it would not be feasible to handle a Halo scale project unless they abandon Gears (unlikely)

CBaoth493d ago

Nonsense. Now that Rod Ferguson left Coalition, let's just see if they can make another Gears first ok? Not one of their internal teams is capable of making good games consistently. Hence the reason they need to buy up publishers and not devs. Remember they tried to do what Sony does and ended up with Compulsion games lol

DOMination-493d ago

Rod Ferguson is at Blizzard these days isn't he? So he'll be back to Microsoft soon anyway and Phil Spencer could do a lot worse than put him either in charge of Xbox Studios or similar position - he's got a track record of fixing teams and projects and it sounds like Xbox needs as much help as they can get.

Playground has consistently released great games (even though I think FH4 & 5 had their issues) but yeah, other than that, I think its a fair point.

CBaoth493d ago

agreed Dom, Rod has shown a timeliness to finish quality projects on schedule. MS would do well to put him in charge of software development when finally acquired. But at the present, he's not employed at MS. Really the question is though why restrict his talent to just Gears? Let him oversee game development and put Cliffy B back in charge of Gears. This bit of humble pie since he left Epic did wonders for his ego and who else cares more for the franchise than he and Rod?

sadraiden493d ago

Who revived Gears? Last time I checked, Gears 5 was shite that needed cross promotion with a shite Terminator movie to be profitable.

Profchaos493d ago

Gears 5 metacritic of 84% critic and 8.2 user on the original release of the x1 console.

So pretty far from a bad game it's not 100 but if you played gears 4 which was critically well received but has a low user score of 7 or judgement which pretty much everyone dislikes at at 5.7 user scor and then 5 you wouldn't be complaining at all.

Is it a return to form of the original trilogy no because it's a game that formed its own path it wasn't gears 1 but made in 2019

So yeah I'd still say it ushered a bit of a franchise revival it was actually a good game even I played it and loved it after feeling burnt out by the franchise after playing every entry since the 360 days

ZwVw494d ago

They should be removed just off of the fact that they gave the Halo TV series show-runners free reign to do whatever they wanted with the brand. To which, they've (writers) admitted to not researching the games or studying any of the franchise's lore (novels, comics, animated films etc.) because it was below them to. Resulting in an imposter Master Chief who barely wears his helmet.

sadraiden493d ago

and yet, Microsoft signed off on all of it. It's almost like the lore was just lightning in a bottle and Microsoft couldn't care less if the nerds are impressed, so long as that money train keeps on chuggin. It's almost as if Halo is a cynical property that only rears its head if its time for Microsoft to cash a cheque.

Pocahontas493d ago

I loved the show but I’m pretty easy to please.