Major exploit found on GTA Online which could corrupt your account and more

A recently exposed exploit for GTA V online has apparently been released, which could potentially allow a hacker to corrupt in-game files and get rid of your account, as well as potentially even taking this further and gaining access to execute code on your machine.

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just_looken57d ago

Don't worry i am sure there over hyped gta 6 will have dedicated servers and server infrastructure/code that is not from gtaiv.

I mean they make billions and have ton of thousands of blind fans they would not just use the same security/code/p2p2 servers for gta 6 right...... yeah just look at rdr 2 mp.

I am not shocked by this new's but at the same time it would be nice if they spent a few million in it security as they are handling payment methods attached to those social ids that are no doubt being stolen.