Can Steam Deck handle a range of PC's most challenging games?

A Plague Tale: Requiem, Gotham Knights, The Witcher 3 Next-Gen and more tested.

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crazyCoconuts65d ago

Results are kinda what I would expect. Some good some bad, especially on unoptimized or CPU heavy games

Number1TailzFan65d ago

Indeed, if you want pure performance you'd get a decent PC for that. The Deck looks decent for low to kinda moderately demanding games though.

Army_of_Darkness64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I don't know about yall, but this is the best and most capable handheld that I've ever seen! It's playing AAA quality games on the go people! That's incredibly awesome! Who ever expected a handheld to perform as well as a current console or pc is delusional! Seriously. I want one, just can't justify the purchase at the moment.

TheExecutioner65d ago

I understand young people like you wont understand how does acquiring work

Name single acquisition didnot results in layoff not to mention the after covid affect

Before putting non sense comment .. have a look around you

CBaoth65d ago

you drunk or sleepy? Either way go to bed

SullysCigar65d ago

Well, this is an unfortunate error on your part, huh... 🤔

Ready4nxtgen65d ago

Or just adjust the settings lol. Some features may be off 95% of games cam be run on deck.

SullysCigar65d ago

It does a stand up job, for a handheld.

I'd really like for Nintendo to start talking specs on their next handheld. Some people probably want to know whether to wait for that or go for the steam deck.

crazyCoconuts65d ago

The instant compatibility with countless PC games, many of which are either free, already owned, or given away by Epic/Amazon makes it essential imo. You could save enough $ on games to justify the handheld itself. Sure, also have a switch/switch 2 for their exclusives, but games are so expensive on their market, even old ones, and sales are few and far between. For me I'm a steam deck super fan now 😊

SullysCigar65d ago

Is Switch exclusive emulation a thing on steam deck? Because if it is, that's a big plus when deliberating between the two.

NotoriousWhiz65d ago

My biggest issue with the Steam deck is that it's still a PC. I don't game on PC as I don't have a gaming pc, so I was planning on using the steam deck as my gaming pc.

So here's a recent story. I went to go play some game I had (and never played) on my steam deck. I wander onto the community page. Oh look, there's all these neat mods that makes the game so much better. I download the mods. Run the game. It crashes. I tweak the mods, make some more changes. The game loads without the mods. I make more tweaks the game crashes again. 2 hours later, I decide it's time to play something else on the Switch for now.

SullysCigar64d ago

See, I couldn't handle crap like that eating into my gaming time.

Giblet_Head64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Are you just haphazardly adding a bunch of mods without checking if they're compatible together?

Edit: Nevermind just checked your comment history. You're a troll.

NotoriousWhiz64d ago (Edited 64d ago )


LOL, I'm very curious which part of my comment history made you think I'm a troll.

But to answer your question re: modding. I believe the mods should have worked together. I think there was only 2 or 3 I was trying to use, but there were lots of settings involved per mod. It wasn't just download and go.

EDIT: I just looked at your own comment history. Calling me a troll is funny. Your comments are very aggressive in general.

Flawlessmic65d ago

I just can't game at 720p anymore unless it's naturally older older game, I am my wits end with the switch and hanging for a new one.

The deck sounds like it would be awesome for emulation but don't think id pay that much just for that.

Bring on 1080p handheld gaming on that happens I'm in !

crazyCoconuts65d ago

It's really like 800p. Does that change your mind?
😊 On a screen that small I think the existing resolution is great.
The issues with resolution on a switch are probably not due to the screen but due to the console not being able to render demanding games at the full 720p with high settings. A lot of demanding games end up rendered much lower than 720p and scaled up to your screen, which will look muddy/blurry. Steam Deck is way more powerful, so that's rarely an issue

RiseNShine65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

The fact that it can run some of the most demanding games at close to 30 fps is still impressive,it has set the bar so high that now not being able to run Callisto Protocol or Gotham Knights at 30 fps is somehow a letdown lol, and with close to 6,000 games marked either verified or playable on Steam,you could be using Steam Deck for a lifetime with what's currently available, and that's not counting emulation, which should add a few thousands more.