Is Xbox Ever Going to Address the Long-Term Goals of Halo Infinite?

If Xbox & 343 Industries have long-term goals for Halo Infinite, they are a mystery, and after layoffs, frustration and confusion mounts.

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Lightning7764d ago

There's nothing to address. 343 can't make a good Halo game. Sure they "landed" the launch but that's it everything else was bad. As I said before MS kept milking that damn cow now there's nothing left a new IP would would encourage and refresh the team. Well.. Maybe it's reported incompetent leadership was also the biggest hurdle. Either way Halo will be gone for awhile by 343 if 343 is still around.

Apparently Certain Affinity is. Making a BR Halo so there's that I suppose.

Flawlessmic63d ago

Mutli player only future incoming by the looks of things, which as someone who plays halo for the campaigns sucks.

Halo is a poisoned chalice at this point either let the series rest or reboot it completely and start fresh so the comparisons to bungies halo can end.

Let it be a new thing, with new devs and new excitement rather than all of us holding it hostage to what bumgie did

Bathyj63d ago

This series was the golden child, but now it's a red headed step child.

Just ship it off the boarding school and never mention it again

Brazz63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

If rumores are true, 343I is just a "IP manager" now, almost a support Studio focused on MP, and Halo future Will be heavly dependent on the interest/talent of third party partners.

Psychonaut8563d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Nah. Probably just let it fizzle out and die at this point. The game was criminally mishandled, the show was a dumpster fire. Probably just let it sit a few years til people forget then try to kickstart it again. They don’t need Halo now anyway, they just bought half the gaming industry to the work is done for them now.

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