Forspoken Review Codes Not Sent Out to Multiple Outlets by Square Enix

Forspoken review codes haven't been given to many outlets ahead of its release date, causing concerns over the PS5 and PC game's reviews.

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Crazyglues60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Because the reviews are already bad, so why send codes when that will just be confirmed by the final version not living up to the hype... -_- I get it, but that's really not going to help anything..

Flawlessmic60d ago

Reviews aren't out yet.... unless ur from the future?

Eonjay60d ago

Just to clarify it seems like the major gaming sites all got their codes. Also as a person who has to pay to play, I'm often irritated at the blogs complaining about not getting it for free.. I wish the reviews came out earlier but some of these blogs really feel entitled.

shinoff218360d ago


Great point. I hate seeing that.

georeo60d ago

Let’s just wait and see. If it’s good, it’s good. Same way if it’s bad.

Kran60d ago

@eonjay I mean a lot of review sites LITERALLY RELY on recieving codes to play so they can get a review out for the embargo and get clicks. It's quite literally how they make most of their money to, yknow, live probably?

Imagine if IGN got no codes going forward, they'd lose a lot of their staff within a year because all their money would go elsewhere

TheEroica59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Have you been paying attention to how bad this game looks? It's weird demo and it's glaringly empty open world and run in circles gameplay? He's not from the future hes just been paying attention...

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Lexreborn260d ago

And what hype? People like you have been knocking the game since it was announced. And there’s been dumb articles even before previews looking for ANYTHING to hate on the game to the biggest “turn off” is dialogue. Still can’t find any other game that’s had far campier worse dialogue get hated just for that.

georeo60d ago

It’s not a big deal. Just buy the Game if you want it lol.

Lexreborn260d ago

@georeo I already got it pre-ordered

60d ago
Spenok59d ago

That's not how it works. MANY games over the years have released in shitty states the devs/pubs KNEW the game was in. Garnering bad reviews aplenty. Devs/pubs don't reject sending codes to avoid bad press.

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Vits60d ago

Honestly, I don't think it's malice or a hidden agenda at play here. I feel it's just SE being extremely incompetent with their marketing once again.

LoveSpuds60d ago

Looks like the legit outlets are getting review copies. Probably some entitled youtuber or Mickley mouse outfits who are upset at being overlooked.

Vits60d ago

I find it sad that every time I think N4G finally reaches the bottom of the barrel in terms of users. Someone comes and makes the bar even lower. Congrats man, next time try to read the article before commenting.

LoveSpuds60d ago

Didn't mean to cause offence dude, but i was simply suggesting that SkillUp and 'prominent youtubers' are perhaps not top of the list of recipients for free games, even if they claim to have received codes in the past.

If IGN and Gamespot etc., we're listed then I guess it might raise an eyebrow. I did read the article, it's simply that in my opinion, it seemed to be trying to build an issue where one probably doesn't exist.

RaiderNation60d ago

This game will be swimming in 7's.

jwillj2k460d ago

Hopefully. A high 7 can warrant a purchase but mid/low 7 and the game is DOA

shinoff218360d ago


It's a shame it's look at that way really

jwillj2k459d ago

Shane Kim

I’m not spending 60 bucks on a 7.0 there are simply too many games that deserve my money more.

Eonjay60d ago

One of my favorite games from last year only managed 69... But I'm more of a gameplay person. If a game feels good to play I value that over the the nonsensical criteria some reviewers come up with. By the same token, the game can have a great story but if it's not fun to play I will pass.

shinoff218360d ago

Care to mention what game ?

I'm just curious. Out of the games I've played this year new wise not just an old game I finally played. Star ocean 6 got my vote. I haven't played gow

Shit I forgot horizon. Now I've got a dilemma

Eonjay60d ago

Star Ocean. I love the game and smoked EQ on Chaos with 100 hours in. Raymond was 100x as cringey as anything Forspoken could ever even hope to muster but I play Star Ocean for the gameplay. No one would play Star Ocean for a deep narrative anyway.

shinoff218360d ago

7s are a good number though. Back in the day 4 to 5 was in the middle average. That has seemed to change for some weird reason or another.

Seraphim60d ago

depends on your definition of back in the day. My back in the day a 4 or 5 was absolutely riddled with bugs. Any mechanically solid game was rated at least a 6-7+.

franwex60d ago

I’m excited for this game to finally come out. No not to play it. So that we can move on from all these articles.

Eonjay60d ago

The articles will never end. Once some folks aquire a target they feel obligated to shit talk it forever.

LoveSpuds60d ago

Exactly Eonjay, let's hope that the game delivers for fans despite the best efforts of the naysayers. I am getting Days Gone vibes all over again with the way this game is being treated.

Days Gone was hammered just like this and I personally loved that title as did millions of others.

shinoff218360d ago


Idk about day one days gone but I played it after a year and thought it was fing great. I enjoyed it alot. Even got the special ending that alluded to a part 2.

GoodGuy0960d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Game is probably glitchy and broken then. No review codes and early embargo means big sus for a big game like this.

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