The Callisto Protocol - 1/19 Patch Update

The Callisto Protocol Official Twitter: "A new update is available for all platforms, which includes New Game+. Based on your feedback, we also fixed the Maximum Security Achievement/Trophy bug and posted a full list of all the fixes and changes we've made since launch."

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thesoftware73069d ago

Nice, I will start a new game plus next week. I plan on starting MH: Rise this weekend.

SpacedDuck69d ago

Real Patch Notes:

Still an incredibly unpolished mediocre game not even remotely close to worth full price yet alone $50.

thesoftware73069d ago

I can respect your opinion, but man that was harsh...what did you play it on PC?

I played on SX and had a really good time with it, excellent production values and overall fun game.

SurgicalMenace69d ago

Played it on PS5, and I completely agree with you.

SpacedDuck19d ago

I played it on PC. Beat it launch weekend and only pushed on because the game world was actually beautiful.

The game itself was easy to forget and totally boring.


I agree it’s not worth the $70 price I paid but I find the game to be pretty fun and absolutely gorgeous.

SurgicalMenace69d ago

Graphic engine is something to behold.

Jin_Sakai69d ago

It’s using Unreal Engine 4.

Aussiesummer69d ago

It will be so ironic when the dead space remake outshines and outsells this thing.

Star5166d ago

Still waiting on this to drop to $30 so I can cop