Xbox Evolved: Legendary Review

XBox Evolved writes: "From the makers of Turning Point and Call of Duty: Finest Hour, comes Legendary from Spark – an end of the world story who's setting showed great potential, but failed miserably due to its poor execution. The story isn't so legendary either.

In Legendary you play as Charles Deckard, a thief for hire who gets in way over his head when he takes a job from a not-so-mysterious man named LeFey and his almost somewhat attractive associate called Vivian to steal a box from a New York museum. Unfortunately for you and the rest of the world that box just so happens to be Pandora's Box and using your legendary (see what I did there?) skills as a master of the arts of thievery, you somehow accidentally open the damn thing and unleash swarms of mythological creatures bent on destroying the world. As a reminder of what you've done your hand is forever branded with a sigil. That sigil also holds power that's attached to Pandora's Box and the rest of the monsters that you've just unleashed into the world courtesy of your little screw-up. "

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