Is the Steam Deck Worth It?

It's not entirely perfect just yet, but Valve's new handheld has more going for it than expected. And it's YUGE.

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Espangerish62d ago

I love mine, don't regret it one bit. Easily the best handheld I've ever had and I've owned them all. In fairness though, this is a enthusiast gamer only product. Not for younger kids or people who literally want no technical tinkering at all. Those groups are clearly better served by Switch.

TheSenorCheese61d ago

My kid played Sonic Mania on it the other day and absolutely loves it.

blackblades61d ago

The next gen suppose have a oled screen and other fixes while its fixing smaller things through patches. As for the USB c connecting to tv there is a dock that you can buy that helps with that which solves that problem but it'll cost you.

Yui_Suzumiya61d ago

No Windows 11, No OLED screen .. No buy .. I'll stick with my Samsung Galaxy Book. I bought it for eroge and it's easiest running visual novels on a Windows based platform. So I'm all good.

crazyCoconuts61d ago

No windows 11 is part of why it's so good lol

blacktiger61d ago

lol you want windows lol??!??!?!

Yui_Suzumiya60d ago

Yeah, I want to see anime dabonkers and most VN's don't run on Linux. It's easier running them on Windows.

darthv7261d ago

hmm... me thinks you don't know ANYTHING about the steam deck. Otherwise you'd know you can put windows on it, dual boot in fact.

Yui_Suzumiya60d ago

Well that's good news then! Although if I go with a handheld PC I would still probably be picking the AyaNeo Air over this.

jznrpg61d ago

If it had physical media and exclusives I may bought it .
It would be a nice emulator for old games but that would be the only reason I would use it so I passed on my preorder.

darthv7261d ago

It does have exclusives. There are plenty of games on steam not found on other pc stores as well as consoles.

As for physical media, install the games to the micro sd card and bingo... physical media.

crazyCoconuts61d ago

It runs new games quite well, about the only way you can run them on a portable system. And, not all new games are graphical showcases, so you don't lose out by playing on a portable device

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The story is too old to be commented.