Cumulative sales of PS5 exceeded 2.5 million units in Japan [1/9-1/15]

Famitsu: "Sales ranking announced by Famitsu. This time, we will deliver a summary of the estimated weekly sales of game software and hardware from January 9 to January 15, 2023."

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darthv7267d ago

The interesting thing to look at is the split between full featured and digital only machines. On the PS5 side, it is close to 85/15 in terms of disc to digital. For series it is like 55/45 in favor of the digital to disc. Those wanting the PS5 are willing to pay more for the bigger / complete unit while those wanting a series are opting for the cheaper / smaller one.

darkrider67d ago

Nope the diference is much bigger then that. In Japan is even bigger. Microsoft doesn't reveal numbers because it would show that.

darthv7267d ago

This is Famitsu, not VGC. Are you suggesting THEIR numbers are wrong as well?

crazyCoconuts67d ago

Hard to draw conclusions from the ps vs. Xbox comparison because while on the PS5 front the only difference is digital, the series S front has many more differences

darthv7267d ago

There aren't "many more" differences. Its performance, price and size (XB) vs price and size (PS).

darkrider67d ago

I think that sales in Japan will increase with the slim model. They like smaller consoles and the ps5 is huge.

darthv7267d ago

I agree. Size does matter over there. They like the smaller size of the series s compared to the x but with the 5 there isnt much difference between the two. They just buy the full featured one instead.

shinoff218367d ago

Has that ever came out as fact. I've never asked a Japanese gamer if they prefer smaller consoles.

RedDevils67d ago

They like everything small...

InUrFoxHole67d ago

Wonder how many sold just because they were bundled with a game?

Nyxus67d ago

So they wanted just the game and not the console to play it on, is that what you're saying?

MikeMbz867d ago

Pretty expensive way to buy a game.

TheColbertinator67d ago

Couldn't they just buy the game without the console? Or are you just being dense on purpose?

InUrFoxHole66d ago

What's the matter sugar dumplings? No sense of humor?

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Demetrius67d ago

I absolutely love that all 3 companies are still selling millions gaming is always welcomed

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