MS: "Halo 2 matchmaking should be in all games"

People have been saying it for years: Halo 2's matchmaking was the best ever seen in an online game and still is to date. Saints Row gave it a good go, but it just didn't work quite as well. Even hardened Halo haters admit that the matchmaking does work well. And when an MS employee says himself it should be in all games for the 360, you know not everyone is wrong.

Speaking at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas last week, Microsoft's Head of Game Development for Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer gave a couple of answers to a couple of questions on the issue of matchmaking:

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dantesparda4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

Can somebody breakdown/explain to me what all the differences are between the Halo matchmaking and what most games are using now?

THWIP4899d ago

I don't need matchmaking, when I have my trusty Friend's list ; I only play with people I know on LIVE.

Dukester1014899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

yeah... but for the millions of other people that play Halo2 online, it's one of the best systems out there.

IMO, no other game has come close. Sure it's not great... but from what i've read about Halo3 they've upgraded, and it's gonna blow everything away (matchmaking wise)

Stretchystrong4899d ago

Have you ever played halo... That is what matchmaking is.. playing with people on your friend's list. Besides you most likely got to know those people by playing with people you don't know through matchmaking.

THWIP4899d ago

1. No, that IS NOT what matchmaking is. Matchmaking is designed to keep the playing field level, by pitting people of similar skill, age, etc. against each other. If you start a private match, and invite friends, YOU DON'T NEED matchmaking.

2. No, by "friends", I actually mean REAL friends...people I've known for years, and even call on a frequent basis. I've got friends in Guam, Mexico, Canada, Australia, UK, and Germany....and I've not played ANY of them on Halo 2.

I honestly HATED Halo 2, especially the online portion. Crimson Skies was FAR superior on LIVE, and had much better chat support.

gsquad4899d ago

Nothing has come close to it, and even though I play a lot with friends, I like to just get in and get out sometimes, play for some achievements.

A lot of times because I and most of my friends are professionals they can’t be online at the same time. We have to make “play dates”, (LOL!!!! that’s so funny to me, grown men having play dates) like 2 weeks in advance. We have to plan around kid’s baseball, football, and track. Not to mention plays, parent teacher conferences, and nights out with the wife. Hopefully the will use the Halo2 matchmaking from now on, that way I can find other players of equal talent to play with online more regularly.

"Jump in" and "Welcom3 Chang3"

f1r3waII K1LL3r4899d ago

Halo matchmaking is the greatest I was very dissapointed with Gear's matchmaking Im not sure why all games dont use a form of Halo matchmaking its so superior.

dantesparda4899d ago

Hey can you really? kill firewalls? tell me your secrets

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