Former 343 Industries Developer Says Incompetent Leadership Caused Massive Stress

Patrick Wren, who was a Senior Multiplayer Designer at 343 Industries talks about the recent layoffs and the state of Halo Infinite.

Jin_Sakai493d ago

It’s finally starting to come out.

InUrFoxHole493d ago

Finally? Where have you been? This train wreck entered the station a long time ago. Sad really. Piss poor leadership will ruin anything

SullysCigar493d ago

"Incompetent Leadership"

Monkey see, monkey do, eh Phil?

AmUnRa493d ago

Matt Booty is the one who is in control of the progress of the MS studio's so theyr are both responsable for the shitshow by MS...

493d ago
Lifexline493d ago

I think what I find funny is most people been wanting this for MS to get rid of 343. Then MS does it and people are shocked people here are too funny.

It’s unfortunate for those that got fired I hope they all bounce back. But hopefully they restructure and do better on the next Halo game. Halo infinite was a huge improvement compared to 4 and 5. Just the lack of content so hopefully the next one gets back on track. This is their flagship title I think they are learning because they are delaying games that are not ready instead of sending out games that are missing features.

CobraKai493d ago

I’m glad they nixed the campaign team at least. They failed. The campaign felt unfinished and filled with meaningless side quests to fluff the content. 343 isn’t cut out for Halo.

The Wood492d ago

Im only surprised it took this long. How some made excuses for the management from top to bottom didn't surprise me at all though. Some guys on here are hell bent to cap

neutralgamer1992492d ago (Edited 492d ago )

Ms should hav bought Bungie back for 3.6 billion. But I guess that's where Phil drew the line

Owning and managing are different

Just like running a business because your dad was rich to own it and have a start up that's worth what it's worth because you worked hard

If Ms had given me the same resources they gave Phil I would have bet anything in this world that Xbox would be the #1 brand. Phil lives in a bubble constantly being praised by the very vocal minority

You know what helps sell consoles and get a share of the market "Excellent Games" especially those which are only available on Xbox. Give people a reason to join the damn ecosystem. I bought a XSX because I wanted to play starfield and guess what I have been playing the wait game. Anytime we bring this up we are told by Xbox fans that exclusives are not important and just you wait and see

Wait and see has been going on since the last few years of Xbox 360. I guess if Activision acquisition doesn't fix it buy take two and make GTA exclusive maybe that will help

Don matrick was the best head of Xbox because he knew how to compete with PlayStation while Phil is trying to speak from both sides and isn't making any sense or progress

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crazyCoconuts493d ago

What's surprising to me is that MS allows Xbox to grow their studios at such a rapid pace despite their lack of demonstrated capability to manage the existing ones. And the studios they're bringing in are going to need some love and attention to thrive, I don't think Xbox can just leave them on autopilot like they might have done with Minecraft. How are they going to turn the ship around while getting all these new ships, half of them going the wrong direction already?

Profchaos493d ago

Sitting here waiting for a massive expose article or doco

SullysCigar493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

I think so too. Seems a good time for them to lay their cards on the table, what with the news that Microsoft just laid off 10,000 staff at the same time as trying to spend ~$70bn on an acquisition. Presumably, if their games had been better some in the affected development houses - such as 343i - could have dodged the axe.

lonewolf10493d ago

Somehow the news that Microsoft just laid off 10,000 staff despite trying to spend ~$70bn on an acquisition has been squashed.

That is everywhere, you have a funny idea of squashed

crazyCoconuts493d ago

And I think I read there's about 10K people they would gain as part of that acquisition. Unfortunate coincidence

SullysCigar493d ago

^ Well yeah, it's not now, clearly @lonewolf10 !

If you'd care to check, you'll find several articles 'squashed' in the failed section of N4G.

-Foxtrot493d ago

Come on Jason Schreier

Do your thing

dumahim492d ago

I'm sure he's got plenty of newly willing developers who want to talk now. It's just a matter of time.

gold_drake493d ago

its nice to get confirmation on what we've been saying for some time now.

Masterchief_thegoat493d ago

Let’s the drama begin. I can’t wait for more info to come. I blame M$ and 343

CorndogBurglar493d ago

I mean, who else would anyone blame? Lol

KwietStorm_BLM493d ago

As opposed to who? Chef Gordon Ramsay?