Suicide Squad leak points to live service- why can't we have nice things?

Gareth from Mirror Gaming writes: "You have to wonder who at Warner Bros. looked at the widespread criticism levelled at Marvel’s Avengers and Gotham Knights, which were both rejected by press and players alike for their live service elements, and thought to themselves 'but it will be different this time'."

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poppatron138d ago

As concerning as this all seems, I’ll still 100% give rocksteady the benefit of the doubt. Don’t think they had a single misfire through out their run with Batman and they pretty much defined a genre and created a template (that’s been copied ever since) with Arkham Asylum.

They’ve been working on this game for so long now, if indeed the game has live service elements hopefully the times been spent finding a formula that fits.

Angyobangyo138d ago

BioWare also had a good track record…..until Anthem. Same can be said with Eidos-Montréal ….until Marvel Avengers. I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt until reviews are out and to see how egregious any kind of battle pass system they implement. I’m hoping it’ll turn out well, but there’s still a but unfortunately.

lellkay138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Bioware was the exact example I was going to use @Angyobangyo

This is going to be a huge flop, there is absolutely no good reason for this to be a live service, or be monetized past the initial purchase. The Spiderman game have proven that.

There is no benefit of the doubt given to be given to live services. The internet already hates this and any discourse will instantly be taken over by the fact this is a live service, is monetized and the similarities to Avengers model. It'll have a hugely detrimental effect on this games reputation and they wont be able to sway it.

sadraiden138d ago

The skill of the devs isn't the issue. The issue is shitty monetization mechanics built upon a dated gameplay design foisted upon the devs.

Fonsecap138d ago (Edited 138d ago )
Definition of insanity, Vaas will teach them.

CrimsonWing69138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Why is it that devs/publishers just don’t listen. They’re so adamant about making GaaS games and only a small % are successful. Just make a traditional game like the good ol’ days. Why does everything have to be GaaS now?

autobotdan138d ago

Yeah true just go back to the oldschool days please. Like the upcoming 'Wanted Dead' game going back to old-school single player gaming. Support Wanted Dead

Yi-Long138d ago

Because these decisions are made by ‘suits’ whose job it is to think of ways to ‘monetize’ their games post-launch in order to get the stockholders happy.

They’re the ones who will butt in on design-choices in order to get the devs to shoehorn in the latest fads and trends.
“Oh, THAT aspect of THAT game seems popular, so let’s do that in our game as well!”
“But that goes against the whole base-concept of our game/series”
“Well, I’m sure you’ll make it work”.

Battlefield springs to mind.

Gamers have been crystal-clear about what they want from their hobby, and also what they don’t want. But if these devs want to choose greed over just delivering a great complete experience, then they can try that, and we’ll see how that will work out for them. Generally, it’s met with a collective shrug by the gaming community and they’ll simply skip it, and find something else to play and enjoy.

I know this news has certainly dampened my interest in this game.

autobotdan138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

This is why everyone should support 'Wanted Dead' in a few weeks. Wanted Dead is a return to oldschool single player story based games. Support Wanted Dead in a few weeks and also 'Star Wars Jedi Survivor'

Takwin138d ago

No way I would trust this. This is Bioware/Anthem and Marvel Avengers. Wait until reviews and then wait 2 more weeks for the ol' update that puts in onerous microtransactions.

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