Best Indie Game of 2022

VGChartz's Christian Evans: "There was a time when indie games were small and cheap, and nearly always in the shadow of the AAA colossus. These days, such can be their quality that the boundaries of difference between the two have blurred exponentially, to the point that every year the best indies are often measured against the best big studio titles — and for many of us an indie experience will still come out on top.

The indie space has never been so vibrant, always showcasing brilliance, whether that be through risk and innovation in efforts such as Immortality, or the modern imitation of beloved retro classics wonderfully seen in games like Chained Echoes. One only has to peruse some of the titles that didn’t make the final cut to gauge what an incredibly strong year it’s been once again for the indie scene, with the aforementioned titles missing out, along with the likes of Citizen Sleeper, Cult of the Lamb, and Rogue Legacy 2, to name only a few that deserve a mention. But as with any voting list there can only be one winner."

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