50+ Free VR Games: Meta Quest 2

Expand your Meta Quest 2 content library with these free VR games from across the Oculus Store and AppLab.

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ApocalypseShadow511d ago

This is nice indeed.

But can't overshadow the launch of PS VR 2.


The 7 Best VR Social Worlds

VR doesn't have to be isolating, there are some amazing social platforms out there. Here are the seven best VR social worlds to explore.

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AXIS Lite Wants to Make Your VR Gaming More Immersive

Refract Technologies has unveiled AXIS Lite, a consumer-focused motion tracker that's available to pre-order in February, launches May 2024.

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Rec Room Won't be Coming to PSVR 2

The Rec Room team have confirmed in a recent Reddit AMA that the social gaming app won't be coming to PSVR 2 as it's not economically viable.

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crazyCoconuts138d ago

"it’s a non-trivial port, and we haven’t found a way to make it make economic sense"
Now, I'm not gonna say PSVR2 is selling well because I would imagine it's not.
But there are a good number of third party games coming to it all the time, so this might be as much a statement related to the revenue per user in Rec Room as it is a comment on low PSVR2 sales - dunno.

porkChop137d ago

Rec Room is pretty popular so I don't think revenue would be as much an issue. We know PSVR 2 hasn't been doing well so it's likely that they don't think it's worth the port considering the work involved.

crazyCoconuts137d ago

Then why are so many others doing it? Just got ultra wings 2 yesterday as an example.
You'd think smaller studios with less potential customers would be when more reluctant to port.

ModsDoBetter137d ago

One of the most popular VR games would not be economically viable coming to PSVR2...yikes, sales must be lower than expected, especially given Sony isn't revealing any sales info about the accessory.

1nsomniac137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

If Sony aren’t going to support it then why should anyone else. How longs it been released now and it doesn’t even do the basic level functions that literally every single vr machine on the market does!

My most regretted gaming purchase I’ve made.

** but remember everybody, it sold so well they couldn’t stock it quick enough to fulfill orders. Never believe these companies and their sales figures. They are always manipulated and manufactured.

porkChop137d ago

"If Sony aren’t going to support it then why should anyone else."

Yup. That was one of the big issues with the Vita too. Sony expected devs to support it but they were only putting their B teams on Vita projects.

1nsomniac137d ago

My understanding of Sonys background behaviour regarding PSVR2 is not only are they not providing any funding or help for any VR projects. They also seem to be being intentionally difficult with developers regarding the subject and certification etc..

Leeroyw121d ago

I liked your comment but my experience is different. I've been playing legendary tales, RE4 and pavlov like crazy but I agree with everything else you said. It was too pricey. Not enough bangers to bring new adopters in.

But I'm happy.