Best DLC/Expansion of 2022

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "At their ideal, expansions can be of great benefit both creatively and commercially. Given how much budgets have increased, ranging from pricey indie to AAA titles, it’s not as work-intensive to incorporate the main game’s skeleton into a side story, prequel, or whatever else. And if the main title garnered a wide swathe of fans, they’ll happily come back for more (at a fair price). 2022 marks the second time we’ve done this award. The results were surprisingly different from 2021 in this respect: half of the six finalists came from two racers (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Forza Horizon 5). Let’s see what crossed the checkered flag onto our shortlist."

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Dirty_Lemons67d ago

Delicious Last Course, it's not even debatable. Those guys and girls cared about what they made, it's clear in every frame of hand drawn animation. Whether I "win" or die, I always notice something new. The attention to detail is phenomenal, and the additional content so well integrated that playing Isles 1-3 plus Hell without a trip to Saltbaker's bakery no longer feels like the full game.

coolbeans67d ago

Solid praise. I wish I'd gotten around to it, but unfortunately haven't yet.

Dirty_Lemons67d ago

It's highly recommended my friend. When they said Chalice is a new character I thought "reskin" but nope, it's like a separate play style - the game operates differently as her, easier in most ways to be honest so whether that's good or bad is up to you. The bosses are absolutely 👌 Some great little secrets too.