PSX Extreme: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Since the original Kingdom Hearts released for the PS2, we've seen multiple new installments in the instantly popular franchise. This includes the sequel plus several handheld entries, like Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GameBoy Advance, which many fans of the PS2 titles may have missed. Knowing this, Square-Enix decided to produce a port of the game – the only major difference centering on the new 3D graphics – and it recently arrived in the month of December. Now, while most of you know what KH is all about, you may be surprised to learn that hacking and slashing takes on a very new dimension in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and in our opinion, it doesn't work too well. Much of this production features the professional polish we expect from the series; the sound is great as always, the visuals are a little blurry and unrefined but still colorful and appealing, and the story provides fans with plenty of missing information. However, the battle mechanic remains central to the game, and the combination of playing cards and real-time combat uncomfortably clashes. We will clarify in a bit."

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