Devil May Cry MMO Clone Is Not For American Gamers

By William Usher:

"Just like Project E and its startling similarities to Gears of War, Last Online is pretty much a copy-cat clone of Devil May Cry. In fact, there's a strong possibility that Capcom could buy the code and slap a DMC icon on the logo and call it a DMC MMOG. Until that happens, though it appears this game is strictly suited for Southeast territories".

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Skerj5084d ago

DMC combat in an MMO = sold to me.

WAR_MACHINE775084d ago

I agree that it looks cool but I can just smell the lawsuit brewing.

Parappa The Rappa5083d ago

torrent this game if it doesn't come stateside.

Skerj5083d ago (Edited 5083d ago )

This is different from that one company ganking art assets from Oblivion and putting it in their game, now THAT you can sue for.

Capcom won't sue them as they really have no case. The guy looks like a cross between Dante and Vergil but this is a MMO, you can make the char look that way.

As far as gameplay, there are tons of DMC clones since the original game, and if they're going to sue for emulating certain gameplay aspects then the whole industry is going to be at fault.

NOTORIOUSzeke5083d ago

Good idea. I'm like the way this game looks.

Godmars2905083d ago

Between this game and Project E you can bring back the "dead" PC market.