Metal Gear Solid news, maybe Metal Gear Rising 2, teased by Raiden VA

Metal Gear Solid news, which we hope means an MGS remake is teased by the actor behind Raiden, hinting also at Metal Gear Rising 2 as Konami revives Silent Hill

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Flawlessmic69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Metal gear solid remake news coming within the next few months, ps5 exclusive, book it!!!

Man I will literally blow a load when it's announced, and if 2,3,4 are getting any sort of extra treatment then I'll be crying tears of joy.

thesoftware73069d ago

Why do you want it to be PS Exclusive?

I thought we wanted 3rd party games to be available everywhere.

Flawlessmic69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Who said I wanted it? I'm stating that's it's going to be because let's face it we know it's going to be ps5 exclusive.

Every single rumour from day dot about this has said it's going to be just like silent Hill

I don't care about multiplats i can play them on my ps/xbox or pc if i had one there not the reason i buy multiple consoles, I have all 3 consoles so I loves exclusives as it gives me a specific reason to own and play each one, it's literally how I judge each console and why Sony's has been my preferred platform since ps1, they don't know what failed generations or lack of games is.

Hence why I continue to hate on xbox until they turn the tide this yr cause the last 14 months my xsx has been a dust collector, no first or 3rd party exclusive AAAs at all and still counting. 20+ studios which is more than Sony I might and the pipeline has been a mess.

MadLad69d ago

I think we both know why lol.
Just the existence of something Metal Gear is simply speculation, and already we're calling for exclusivity.
And I think, if anything, it should definitely be on as many platforms as possible.
Konami are just coming back from abandoning the games industry almost altogether. They should want their titles in as many hands as physically possible.

Metal Gear has never been seen as a PlayStation franchise. No reason to make it on now.

Nyxus69d ago

"Konami are just coming back from abandoning the games industry almost altogether. They should want their titles in as many hands as physically possible."

Didn't stop them from making Silent Hill a PS5 exclusive though. And the Metal Gear series has in fact been closely associated with PlayStation for most of its time. MGS1, 2, 3, 4 and PW were all initially exclusive to PlayStation (and 4 still is to this day).

darkrider68d ago

Of course, before one company spent 80 billions on two publishers, because it can't make good games.

Knushwood Butt68d ago

'Metal Gear has never been seen as a PlayStation franchise.'.


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thesoftware73069d ago (Edited 69d ago )

You wording indicates that you want it/would like it/and excited for not just the game, but for it to be exclusive.

"ps5 exclusive, book it!!!"
The clear excitement of it being PS5 exclusive has you throwing up examination marks which would indicate excitement for a it to be a PS5 exclusive. I can only interpret from what you wrote.

Your 2nd thought.
"Man I will literally blow a load when it's announced"

As an exclusive you will blow your load right?

It's just a bit funny that Sony can secure as much 3rd exclusives, including former multi-platform titles, effectively keeping it off of MS platform and you guys are ok with that. Sony has a lot of sway in the gaming market, as they are the market leaders, and can flex that to gain these big exclusives. That leaves MS at a disadvantage, especially with Japanese publishers where Sony has even more sway.

So it's funny to me when you guys try to say, buying a pub is soooo wrong...well if your competition is constantly flexing and securing 3rd party exclusives, and buying devs at the same time, effectively keeping games from the competition(yes same shit)
something must be done..and MS took a logical step in attempts to compete more effectively. It's just that simple.

darkrider68d ago

I think some Microsoft gamers don't understand what it means to buy two publishers. Do you even understand how many games we are talking? Do you need a list? Because it's freaking huge.

Or try this kind of narrative to try and downplay the reality. It's not one or 3 games timed exclusive. It's forever 15, 20 25, 30 titles.

thesoftware73068d ago

spin and spin as you may, what you and some other don't realise that the end results are the same, and you guys need to stop pretending as if these companies aren't about business and money making...that is the primary goal..not about how fan kids opinions.

Check this out.
If I dive into a river, I get wet, if I dive into a lake I get wet, if I dive into a pool I get wet, and if I get caught in the rain I get wet...end wet.

I I had 100lbs of meat in one big box, and you had 100lbs of meat in 25 smaller boxes, it's still 100lbs.

If you buy the rights to 10 different individual movies, and I buy one movie studio that owns 10 movies...guess what? we still both acquired 10 movies.

If you secure the exclusive deal for 10 songs, and then outright buy the rights for 5 more songs, and you are the hottest kid on the block flexing to get the exclusive deals, and I can't do the same because of your stature. I say Screw this and buy 30 song, but agree to still let you use a few of the songs, and willing to spread it to other music labels besides just us two, how am I the big offender?

Enough examples? Just think, Sony buys Devs, and secures a lot exclusives partly due to there dominant position, so they are actually being 2X the bully. They don't have to buy pubs, because they secure enough exclusives, buy a lot of devs, and can't afford to do it on such a large scale.

The primary point being, the end result is the same! They just go about it taking different avenues, but they both are keeping/ securing exclusives.

Flawlessmic68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

It's simply excitement for for one of my all time favourite games coming back, and was stating it as fact as it basically will be as I said, if that upsets you then I'm sorry but like I said book it it's gonna happen.

If all Rumours pointed towards it coming to xbox as exclusive I'd be no less excited for the game.

Like I said I love exclusives it's the whole point of me owning multiple consoles, so I have zero issues with exclusivity.

If you cant see the difference in what Sony did organically over the yrs as apposed to Ms strong handing there way there due to mis management since they entered the game then hey I'm not gonna be the one to convince you.

Sony is just fighting fire with fire at this point, don't know why you guys are crying, Ms started this rubbish so expect a reaction from sony

Believe what you want and feel like you want lol I'm not missing out on anything so I'm fine.

thesoftware73068d ago

I own every system and play all games that I like, I am not missing anything.

My sometimes gripe is many of you ignore that Sony is no different than MS when it comes to attempting to make money.

You claim Sony is fighting fire with fire? You ever heard 2 wrongs don't make a right( for those that think it's wrong), so if fans don't like MS doing it, then they should not like Sony doing it, it's called being a hypocrite.

I'm not proposing Sony should not do anything, but if they are keeping games off of Xbox and GP and buying dev, we should be against it all, not just MS.

So it furthers the point, companies are about money, not fan wars, and do what needs to be done even if we think it's wrong. Like Sony making 10 live service games, no one asked for that. Like MS raising game prices to $70 like Sony did, no one asked for that. Like MS trying to raise the price for gold and got toasted.

It's not about convincing me, it's about us realizing business is business, and nothing either company has done shows me that they are above doing things in attempt to win or make more money. If Dony could drop 70bill on A/B and it was in the cards they would have done the same.

Amplitude68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

"Oh man, i really hope this PlatinumGames game is available only for the PS5 console i bought and not the consoles and PCs that both myself and other people bought so i can further justify one of the console purchases that I made. Microsoft keeps buying publishers so i really hope it's PS5 exclusive. Still though if it's an XBox exclusive I'd be just as excited cause i bought that too but boy I sure do hope the sequel to a game that came out on all 3 only comes out on 1/3rd of those platforms cause i just really love exclusives for no reason. " - Flawlessmic

Flawlessmic68d ago

Soooo your saying if the rumours were the other way around, I wouldn't be excited for one of my fav games ever?

Am I glad it's on the platform I play the most then yes.

Do I care whether other people miss out, nope!!

I didn't wanna miss out on Ms exclusives so I bought an xbox even though the last 2 generations were very bad to me on the xbox side.

Ps. Mgs 1 never released anywhere except on playstation and my exclusive remark was in regards to that game only.

As for others well see what happens as part 4 was also ps only so if they do a collection I'm not sure what they will do.

Also the last thing I need to do is justify buying a ps5, my xsx on the other hand I really could use something to make me feel better about buying it.

Forza and starfield will be the games that change my tune.

Amplitude68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

My dude i'm with you i love the PS5. I absolutely despise the idea of third-party exclusives to justify a console purchase though. In all honesty I personally wish EVERYTHING was on PC so i wouldn't lose a bunch of my bloody games every gen or get stuck playing Bloodborne at 30fps in 2023 or waiting and hoping for patches to games to come out to support modern features. God knows i probably wont be using my thousands of Rock Band DLC and instruments on the PS6.

Back in the PS3/360 gen sure, exclusives were king since the architecture of the two systems were so vastly different and you got a way better experience on one vs the other depending on the target console. These days it's all the same friggen thing though. Exclusives are a super sucky business move that I wish would die. I get it sells consoles but it's at the detriment to the gaming community. We shouldn't wish for exclusivity. I was razzing you for that.

Flawlessmic68d ago

Yea I hear ya, I mean look would I love save my money and only buy one console that has every game sure I would.

But we need competition between the 3 big players, and the difference between only buying one or all 3 are the exclusives so as much as its suck sometimes, I've stumped up the cash so I expect exclusives from all 3.

That let's me know as a consumer they are going out of there way to provide me with special content that isn't available anywhere else as opposed to doing the bare minimum and just giving me stuff I can get everyone.

There a shit side to it and I get that, but like I said I see it as the platform going out of there way for there consumers which at the end of day they are doing right by there own consumers the other dont matter to them.

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porkChop69d ago

We never got MGSR 1 lol. You mean MGRR 2, which is a very different game.

Name Last Name69d ago

I wish we got the original plan for MGSR with Raiden rescuing the girl before MGS4.

porkChop68d ago

Yup. Once they added that entry to the MGS Database I knew that's what MGSR would be about. It's a shame we never got to play that.

Nyxus68d ago

@ Name Last Name: yeah, the developers said that they could possibly return to that story in the future (although this was quite a while ago): “It had a lot of cool ideas (…). From our perspective, that story still exists. We didn’t abandon that story. It’s on a shelf right now, we may revisit it at some point in the future, there’s always that possibility. (…) We’re not throwing it away.”


AngainorG7X68d ago

Yeah sorry, but since you brought it up I would love to see the original MGSR. So much potential, it is a shame we will never play it

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thesoftware73069d ago

Man, I hope this is true, Current gen MGR 2 would be nuts.

Fully upgraded 2 & 3 would be excellent. I was not a big fan of 4 and 5, while not bad games, I just didn't think they were in class with 2&3.

Snookies1268d ago

Wait what?? MGS4 is a masterpiece. I fully understand not liking 5 as much, but MGS4 was groundbreaking for its time.

Demetrius69d ago

Imagine the power they can use with a ground up developed rising sheesh

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