After Pixel Remaster, What's Next For Final Fantasy On Switch?

At the end of 2022, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy PIxel Remaster, a collection composed of revamped versions of Final Fantasy I through VI, would finally be making its way to Nintendo Switch, putting to rest many months of speculation from eager fans. It’s big news, as its release means that FF-loving Switch owners will soon be able to enjoy every mainline Final Fantasy game from the very beginning of the series all the way to the 12th entry, minus MMOPRG Final Fantasy XI.

Aside from the mainline series, Switch owners can also currently access a number of spin-offs, including the likes of the recently released Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion, World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and Chocobo GP. Needless to say, there’s plenty of choice on the Switch if you’re a fan of Square Enix’s flagship franchise, and the introduction of the Pixel Remaster compilation in 2023 begs the question: What’s next for Final Fantasy on the Switch?

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Michiel198970d ago

just make a new crystal chronicles or w/e the gamecube one was called, I think that fits better for the switch than any of the mainline games that will need to be toned down drastically in terms of graphics. Also they already have Octopath Traveler and Triangle strategy which imo are excellent replacements and honor the old FF games.