The Last days of the 3DS & Wii U EShop

In March 2023, the 3DS and Wii U eShop will close for good. After this, you’ll still be able to download titles that you’ve already bought, but you won’t be able to purchase new games. Many great games that are exclusive to the 3DS and Wii U eShop will be gone for good.

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rlow160d ago

That sucks, I guess the argument for physical games over downloading gets a little stronger.

shinoff218360d ago

That's been my argument. Once those online stores are gone that's a wrap. I buy both but most of the time the physical is cheaper after some time.

MadLad60d ago

The only viable way to preserve games is emulation. Discs degrade over time. Systems breakdown. And, now, sometimes only some of the content is even on the disc, and the rest needs to be downloaded all the same.
I would have agreed with you prior to the PS4/Xbox One generation, but it has already been decided that physical is going to die.

None of the big 3 want the used games market to exist.