Suicide Squad game leaks are fake suggests ex Rocksteady dev

Leaked images of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, from Batman Arkham series creator Rocksteady, may not be real, based on comments by one former developer

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1Victor138d ago

From article “The recent Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League leaks include an image of the game’s menus and alleged battle bass options,”

You know it’s fake when they offer BATTLE BASS options 🤣
corny joke aside he is a former developer how does he know it didn’t change after he left, let’s wait and see how this pan out we will know when the reviewers get their copy or after launch 🤷🏿

deleted138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I don't believe him. The image has various debugging texts, but most damning is the watermark if you look closely says Mark Welch w a copyright next to his name. A quick google shows that he has worked in programming/engineering on every Arkham game to date. It makes sense that his copy would have all of the debugging. He didn't leak it probably, but someone got their hands on his copy or images.

Now what this could be is an old version. Fake? No.


Mark Welch credits:

138d ago
MadLad138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

B and S.
Oh wait, I meant WB.
Ohh, damn, basically the same thing.

obidanshinobi137d ago

This game is gonna flop so hard it's not even funny.