There Needs to Be More Co-Op Resident Evil Games Like Resident Evil 5

Co-op has always been a fun gameplay approach in Resident Evil titles, and a Resident Evil 5 remake could reintroduce it to the franchise.

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Flawlessmic141d ago

No thanks, not everything need to be multi or co op or gaas.

You lose all fear and tension with a second player, totally defeats the purpose of what Resident evil tradtionally is.

thesoftware730141d ago

I do agree that it's not scary, but it can still be tense if you play with an actual person, I never played it with AI.

So, while not scary, there are tense and memorable moments, on top of that, the gameplay is just really well done.

Flawlessmic141d ago

Resi 5 is actually a great game, just not Resident evil to me is all.

Resi needs to be steeped in horror, I just hate seeing my fav ips turned into something else, that's what new ips should be for.

Resi returned to its horror roots and its never been better since the rubbish resi 6

curtain_swoosh141d ago

what exactly is resident evil "traditionally" ? cause there have been so many games, so many genres that "traditionally" can be anytbing.

Flawlessmic141d ago (Edited 141d ago )




No horror no resi for me anyway, there's a reason why it was going downhill as a series until they went back to its horror roots even if the gameplay was totally switched up.

I never played the spins off's so if you want to include those and say resi can be whatever it wants to be then so be it.

Different strokes for different folks but you knew what I meant.

curtain_swoosh141d ago

actually i didnt, thats why i asked.

horror can be anything, depending on who you ask, so your argument has no validity.

its not going downhill either. its actually been rly successful. but, if thats your opinion, dont play them

Flawlessmic141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Yea sure, everyone absolutely loved resi 5 and 6 lol best in the series according to you.

Resi is Back since 7, I was referring to 5 and 6 as going downhill.

Not sure why ur so but hurt about it lol

lucian229141d ago

dead space nor any resident evil is actually scary, so it's fine to dedicate some games to multiplayer. this article is about co-op games, not a game being scary.

Flawlessmic141d ago

This article is about resident evil hence my opinion on is valid.

Yep cool so now neither dead space or resi game are horror games lol funny same thing happened to dead space went down the train as they shifted further and further from what made everyone love the first one.

Pls do go on

lucian229141d ago

I didn't love the first one but again, horror games don't scare me, nor do movies, so I just care about fun.

All that said, obviously they should keep re the way its been with the remakes, but would be nice to see a resident evil mercenaries only spin off, that has combat and coop like 5&6. Then keep the main games like the remakes.

Mercenaries itself is better than all the poor spin offs they have been making.

redrum06141d ago

I guess you haven't played RE5 with a friend then. It's literally one of the best couch co-op experiences I've had, only to be let down by RE6.

thesoftware730141d ago

RE:5 was one of the best-selling RE games, it was the fastest-selling at the time.

6 sold really well, even though I'm not a big fan of 6.

gangsta_red141d ago

"No thanks, not everything need to be multi or co op or gaas"

And not everything is multiplayer, co op or GaaS.

Horror can be just as tense with a friend, the need to worry about each other and survive together adds a another level of survival as well as tension.

curtain_swoosh141d ago

i never talked about 6 actually, but i know that reading is a skill not many possess.

and im not hutthurt at all, i cant ignore blatant idiocy

JaY_B1012139d ago

I don’t know. Facing the berserkers in the first Gears of War had me and my friends scared shitless when that first released. I’m sure there’s a studio that can recapture moments like that in horror games as well.

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MADGameR141d ago

Yes except, DON'T call it Resident Evil...

Slappy McGee141d ago

If they could make a good version of Operation Raccoon City it could work.

hotnickles141d ago

I had a blast with co-op RE5. I don’t know why people dunk on it like it’s one of the worst.

thesoftware730141d ago

An absolute blast! the game is still fun to this day.

I have it on Xbox and Playstation lol.

Snookies12141d ago

It was a fantastic time co-op, but all that unused screen space was awful haha. Assuming that was done to preserve framerate.

hotnickles141d ago

What do you mean by unused screen space? It has been a looong time since I played re5 lol

Snookies12140d ago

@hotnickles - They basically shrunk the screens for both players, and had a huge chunk of black space on each side. It was just an unused blank space while playing co-op.

thesoftware730141d ago

All I have to say is.....YES PLEASE!

I Love RE:5, Mercs is awesome, and the DLC was great.

My brother and I still play and were talking about doing the campaign again.

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