Eurogamer: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Hands-On

The action in FEAR 2 starts, as you already know, half an hour before the end of the first game. Over by Alma's vault, Point Man (the first game's hero) is about to set off the apocalyptic explosion that frees her. This time you're playing Michael Beckett, a man who has - slightly unshockingly - latent psychic powers. The opening sequence is his hallucinatory and interactive flash-forward to the blood skies and unnaturally fast clouds of Alma's enraged release.

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Blademask4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

Fear 1 was a good game. Yes it had its issues, but so do all games. It had great atmosphere, and was creepy. Yes I know, some peopel don't like it. But thats people.

Honestly you guys should all give this one a look once its released. The developers have literally fixed\addressed allllll of the issues from the first one. They were unhappy with how repetitive it was, and the lack of scope as far as environment and gameplay mechanics.

Just take a look at some of the videos, or the previews. If youg uys love /Halo/Resistance or FPS in general. F.E.A.R/F.E.A.R2 are good candidates. Its going to be a hit with the fans, but the non-fans might be turned off by the first one.

Give this one a chance folks. Everything I hated about Fear1, is cleared up and the developers have gone out of their way to point out what they are doing.

Not only that, the game looks better than Halo3/r2. Its going to be one hell of a multiplat, with a creepy feel to it hopefully. At least keep it on your radar!


Lastlivingsoul4199d ago

FEAR 2 is my #1 most anticipated title of 2009. RE5, GOW3, InFamous, KZ2 all look great, but fear was my favorite, fear 2 looks amazing. I just hope enough people buy it, so there is somebody to play online.