Report: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Menu Image Leaks, Confirms Battle Pass

An image of what seems to be the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League menu screen has leaked online showing Battle Pass and Store tab.

neutralgamer1992140d ago

Gaming has become all about now can we get every single penny from gamers pockets while providing the least amount of content that is cost effective to develop

I miss the days when by simply playing the game we use to unlock content. There were cheat codes too which are now sold to us through micro transactions. It's the damn gamers who's at fault because if a publisher makes 800 million dollars from selling Fifa ultimate team cards than don't be surprised when they push those sort of things to other franchises

Vengeance1138140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Of course, its called the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and all games focused on money first and fun second or third strive to reach it.

Gamers are for sure to blame though as if it wasn't so well supported then publishers would stop trying it. Look at Diablo Immoral, mass internet backlash and then.... mass financial support for it, it was a massive critical success and made countless millions maybe even a billion!

Gamers are all talk, no action. Just blowing smoke on forums.

neutralgamer1992140d ago

I agree it's the gamers fault. These companies sometimes make more money from micro transactions than by actually selling the games. NBA 2K series has become a casino basically and what's sickening is the fact some of the so called social media influencers go out of their way to promote these

Those simpler times without all the phony stuff was better IMO

You know what's the one thing that's missing in video games "FUN" most games now a days are focusing on realism at the cost of fun

shinoff2183140d ago

Ps3 360 Gen was the glory days. It's so annoying these days. I really try to support games that don't go the dlc route like this. I'm over it tbh.

neutralgamer1992139d ago

PS3/Xbox 360 was the great competitive generation that we are missing now. It was conventional gaming companies going at it

chronoforce139d ago

The glory days day one dlc, Microsoft points, online passes and horse armour.

monkey602140d ago

Should be no surprise. Rocksteady have been awful for microtransactions in the past.

RaidenBlack140d ago

You're talking about Arkham Knight?

monkey602140d ago

Well yes but paid cosmetics, platform exclusive content and a million different preorder bonuses all long predate Arkham Knight when it comes to Rocksteady

TheExecutioner140d ago

Why people freak out when they hear battle pass as if it's the first time. The game can be played solo and four, and four-player cooperative. If battle pass existed it would be for additional stuff. Long-term revenue generation for the company is expected to exceed 70 dollars.

StarkR3ality140d ago

Battle passes have a place in competitive multiplayer games, not what should of been a single player game anyway. WB has a shitty track record of forcing single player games into online cash grab bull shit.

The Arkham games should of just ended with Knight if this is what we can expect to be totally honest.

Angyobangyo140d ago

Go peddle your copium somewhere else. Battle passes are trash.

TheExecutioner140d ago

I should have corrected "Why people freak" to "Why kids freak" but luckily you have shown up

-Foxtrot139d ago

Because the Arkham games were amazing and they were single player

WB, maybe not Rocksteady, did co-op shot with seedy practices in Gotham Knights and it was dog shit

Why couldn’t we just have had a good single player game without battle pass and the like

Reaseru140d ago

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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