The Forspoken Demo Enourages Me Not To Buy The Game

Devin Rardin: Forspoken's dwindled my excitement for the upcoming game thanks to its barren world, ill-designed combat, and unbearable dialogue.

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jznrpg249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Good for you . I like the combat

ActualEngineer249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

It's a cringefest. Yet another game with a wannabe tough-guy feminist lead.

It's seriously getting boring after a certain point ... can't videogame designers make something more authentic for a female main character?! It's either "Die Hard" or lesbian?!?!

CantThinkOfAUsername248d ago

There's always the seksy badass from Asia.

Vithar249d ago

LOL I swear I'm the only one that likes this game haha

Lexreborn2249d ago

Nah you not the only one I like it too. Already pre-ordered it on PC. And picking it up on PS5, it’s important to remember that someone else not liking something doesn’t equal you have to dislike it too.

Follow your taste and have fun

ActualEngineer249d ago

You are buying the same game for 2 systems?!?! AT LAUNCH?!

Lexreborn2248d ago

@actualengineer yes, one is for physical the other is digital. Buying it on pc I get it cheaper anyways so it’s not like I’m paying the same cost. And I’m also going to let my buddy borrow the ps5 copy since he’s interested but invested in one piece right now.

This way he can make a decision on if he likes the game without committing.

CrimsonWing69249d ago

I liked the demo and I’m Day 1 for this. It’s just ridiculous seeing this negativity.

repsahj249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Count me in, I'm gonna buy this day 1. The demo is great IMHO, especially the later parts. So excited just thinking if you already have all the spells and skills. Once I'm familiar with the controls and traversals, I really enjoyed doing a combo. And the area is not barren like the others say, just running around for 2-3 mins you will find groups of enemies.

Babadook7249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

I liked the demo too. I won’t, however, buy it if critics don’t score it above the 80% mark. On the other hand, I don’t care what curiously vocal nay sayers who have only played a short slice of the game have to say.

MikeMbz8249d ago

You're not the only one, it's just the hate campaign is making more noise. If you like it you like it, enjoy it and don't let the haters dictate what you like or should play.

isarai248d ago

Nah, i really dig it. I went from hyped after the reveal trailer, to pass when i seen the first gameplay, to on the fence when they showed the navigation and magic trailers, to pass again once i started the demo, to guaranteed buy, but probably not day 1 after learning all the ins and outs of the magic and navigation mechanics and actually experimenting with them. Once you're used to the mechanics and you start experimenting is when this game really shined for me.

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gammaray13249d ago

and here is the person that was born without a brain

z2g249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

The demo was sh*t. If it wasn’t a ps5 exclusive I’m confident this would be an even more popular opinion, but anything ps5 oriented seems to get a lot of forgiveness and tolerance. Even some major media outlets have said as much.

SurgicalMenace249d ago

With that said, you can't find any other companies getting passes for their lackluster efforts? We've seen it with Sony, Nintendo, and MS, so this game will be no different.

porkChop249d ago

I think that goes for all exclusives. They get a lot of fluffing from their respective fanbases. As a journalist/content creator I try to put that aside and judge a game regardless of exclusivity, but not everyone is able to do that.

shammgod249d ago

You’re better off sticking to Roblox lil dude

Owlbert249d ago

Look at those downvotes... typical n4g Sony fanboys 🤣✌️...

jwillj2k4248d ago

Most early exclusives are seen as glass half full.

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FinalFantasyFanatic248d ago

How so? He played the demo and didn't like it, it wasn't a good demo, there's heaps of games I was excited for, but refused to buy the game after trying the demo and finding it wasn't good. Having said that, there's also games whose demo I have played and ended up exceeding my expectations, so I ended up buying something I didn't initially plan to.

Seems like a very smart and reasonable man to me.

SullysCigar249d ago

Yeah, I wasn't feeling it either. It's a shame, because the Project Athia reveal looked great to me.

I agree with a lot of the points in the article, but I'm also conscious it was just a demo and there's an outside chance they just messed it up. Doubtful they'll fix that incredibly annoying dialogue, but you never know. The demo took my hype from an 8 to a 5, but I'll wait for reviews and try not to give up hope entirely.

FinalFantasyFanatic248d ago

Possibly, but the release date isn't too far from the demo's, so I don't think there will be a great deal of changes, if any.

GamingSinceForever249d ago

That’s it. If Devin Rardin thinks it isn’t worth the buy then none of us should buy. This without having played the retail release.

Thanks Devin for saving us all $70. You deserve an award.

Docmortem249d ago

Dude it is an opinion article. If anything, it makes me wanna play the demo and read reviews of the final game first before buying it.
If seeing a headline or reading a single opinion hurts you that much you gotta grow some. Commenting on an article gives it more visibility by the way.

GamingSinceForever248d ago

Why are you so concerned with my opinion on someone else’s opinion article?

I was clearly being sarcastic but that went over your head. It’s ok though you’ll be aight.

FinalFantasyFanatic248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

The whole point of the demo is to give you a taste of what the retail release will be like, and with it being so close to the retail release date, there will not a great deal of difference between them, if any. This isn't say, FF15, were the demos and trailers have varied quite a bit to what was actually in the final product.

GamingSinceForever248d ago

I’ll wait for the actual reviews.