Lies of P Looks Great and Runs Smoothly in a New 8K Radeon RX 7900 XTX Gameplay Showcase

The new Bloodborne-alike Lies of P is a nice-looking game, but it looks particularly impressive on AMD's latest GPU.

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Fishy Fingers68d ago

Lack of "native" makes me wonder which FSR setting theyre actually using.

Its borderline embarrassing seeing how far AMD/Nvidia are stretching the truth with their selective info benchmarks and marketing. Why bother, they just get slammed when the hands on analysis comes out.

lonewolf1067d ago

DF don't slam them, and fake frames seems to be the way forward for the GPU makers while charging a fortune.

Psychotica67d ago

How long before that card overheats?

Qdog67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

They always miss that extra level of aesthetic polish that the souls borne genre is known for. It's like fromsoftware hand crafts each piece of terrain geometry in the most important places.
Bloodborne felt dirty, felt visceral, felt unique...the geometry in this game and other games like it that are not FromSoft feel generic and clinical, especially in the architecture.