Best VR Game of 2022

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "2022 was an interesting year for VR. Because of the full spec reports and exclusive first looks at PSVR2 that began early in the year, it seemed like many were gearing their interest more towards the future than the present. Even so, that didn’t stop some commendable new titles and VR ports from releasing. It’s a similar story to 2021 in that regards, especially when VR ports of previously-released titles recontextualize so many actions. Without further ado, here are our finalists."

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SullysCigar554d ago

The good news is all of those are confirmed for PSVR2.

Looking forward Saint's and Sinners 2 - and the first game being upgraded for the new headset. Still arguably the best VR game so far.

Kane22554d ago

no man's sky, after the fall and many other games are being upgraded for PSVR 2 at launch......

coolbeans554d ago

Good point. I think anyone's going to be in for a treat if they pick up the Moss collection.

For me: Among Us VR & Cosmonious High look like promising ports. I wonder how detailed they'll go with Among Us, especially with eye-tracking. Imagine *just* catching the color of the would-be Imposter from your periphery thanks to that feature.

1nsomniac554d ago

I just hope I get less motion sickness on PSVR2.

30 mins on PSVR1 and I would be a complete right-off for about 4 hours. I did get a bit better but I just didn’t handle it very well. I haven’t used it for ages so I bet I’ll be back to square one again.

SullysCigar554d ago

Some people have to take it slow at first. Play games where you don't move (Beat Saber, etc) loads, then do teleportation movement for a short while, then go nuts with full locomotion and fast paced games.

When I first tried Resident Evil 7 in VR I felt weird after 15mins and put it down for the night. Ever since, I've been fine in any game.

By all accounts they've put a lot of work into tackling the issue on PSVR2. There are lots of hardware tweaks, like vents to stop heat, fog and claustrophobia, easier IPD adjustment, clearer resolution, headset haptics, etc. I'd try before you buy if I were you.

Storm23554d ago

I think they have also halved the response rate from PSVR1 so that should help as well. I am in the same bot. Get motion sickness from some VR games and from some regular games too. Alien Isolation is terrible for me. Which sucks because I really wanted to play it but have only made it a couple hours in cumulatively on multiple times playing. Getting old sucks hahaha

SullysCigar554d ago

^ My bro-in-law can't even WATCH Alien Isolation being played by someone else without getting queasy! Strange how some games get people like that and others are fine.

...Aaaaand now you made me crave a VR remake of Alien isolation again!

coolbeans554d ago

I'm in a similar boat, but mine was more context dependent on the game. The isometric viewpoint with Moss was more tolerable than a walking sim like Separation (I think that's what it was called).

ibrake4naps554d ago

This is gonna be a big year for VR!

coolbeans553d ago


The competition is shaping up to be much stiffer in 2023, even with discounting PSVR2 ports.

boing141d ago

Please, try Synth Riders. It's better than Beat Saber imho, and I love Beat Saber. You literally feel like dancing.


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