PlayStation Hires Former Apple Exec Ben King to Lead Digital Business

Sony Interactive Entertainment has tapped Ben King, a former Apple services executive, as senior VP of direct-to-consumer, overseeing the gaming division’s PlayStation Store and PlayStation’s…

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Christopher70d ago

The improvements they are making are in how to market it better. This guy isn't improving performance or the like. That's not his job. His job is to improve the chances that someone will buy a product and what products to highlight.

blackblades70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Going by what people have been saying there marketing isnt that good these days. Makes me think what happen to the guys behind ps3 slim commericals the ones with Kevin butler or early ps4 days.

Christopher69d ago

This isn't about marketing with ads, this is about marketing via game focus/placement/timing/suggest ions/etc. This guy isn't going to make ads, he's going to use data to help adjust the PSN to highlight different things so they are perceived as less intrusive but are actually more intrusive than before type of thing.

BrainSyphoned69d ago

Crazy thing here--I want to be sold game so increasing the visibility of things I might like would be improving the store performance for both parties. You're just jealous this guy might introduce more games to me than n4g.

Eonjay69d ago

Seems mobile enough to me. If this results in a cleaner more attractive storefront I don't see why anyone would have a problem.

jznrpg69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

He’s leading all things digital so I’m sure it encompasses everything under it . I’m sure marketing is a part of his job.

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S2Killinit69d ago

That may entail changes to substance I think. He is not a marketing only exec from what I understand.

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Kerppamaister69d ago

Apple exec leaves - Apple is in trouble!

Knushwood Butt69d ago

Their share price might be a factor.

Killa7869d ago

Have you seen Sony's share price over the last year!?

Eonjay69d ago

He left apple quite some time ago....

FinalFantasyFanatic69d ago

A store front that's easier to navigate would be nice, especially on a web browser, I'm pretty good at finding new games, so supply new games would be more beneficial for me.