Top 5 360 Exclusives They Want on the PS3 in 2009

A couple weeks ago ran a feature outlining the top five Playstation 3 exclusives that they, as 360 owners, would like to see playable on the Xbox 360 sometime in 2009; now it's time to flip the tables and choose five Xbox exclusives that PS3 owners are begging to play next year. At this time some of the below games do not have specific release dates but the editor talked to the publishers and was told that all were "shooting for a 2009" release date. Now onto their very first feature of 2009: "The Top 5 360 Exclusives They Want on the PS3 in 2009."

What are you, as Playstation 3 owners looking forward to in 2009, or dream of coming to Sony's console; respond below in the comments/feedback section.

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MAR-TYR-DOM4210d ago

halo for sure, alan wake? I couldn't care less about a game that i haven't seen a single gameplay vid for. Splinter Cell conviction? LOL are you kidding, they had to restart the whole game because they saw how amazing mgs4 was.

cayal4210d ago

Halo - no
Splinter Cell - possibly coming to PS3?
Alan Wake - Yes, though mysterious
Ninja Blade - Never heard of it.
Mass Effect 2 - YES PLEASE (possible multi though?)

Valkyrie834210d ago

I would be very happy if Mass Effect 2 goes multi-platform, I think it would open up a fantastic western RPG franchise to many new gamers.......cross your fingers!

blackpanther254210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

so if i was to get any of those games it would have to be:

Mass Effect 2 (real bad)

That's is really it and thats coming to the pc anyway
I like allen wake(i was hyped bout it in 2005, but not anymore) and ninja blade but i haven't seen anything about them. So im not hyped to get them. I bought GTA IV and i hate it, so im not gonna buy the fake Sons oF Anarchy (not saying it is, but it reminds me of that show).Halo ODST meh i could care less. i have an excess amount of FPS on my ps3 right now and i dont want anymore

LoVeRSaMa4210d ago

to be honest, None of them games intrest me.

Killzone 2 is all Ill be playing for most of the year, like COD4 before it.

I am pretty stuffed with all the games I am playing now tbh.


Are there even 5 exclusives out for the 360 next year?


Hal Emmerich4210d ago

Halo - Will be probably be good, but doesn't really count since its a glorified expansion pack

Alan Wake - Yes for sure, its looking good.

Ninja Blade - Could be good but is really an aquired taste really not the sort of genre I'm into

Splinter Cell - We have seen nothing from this game in the while so it would be hard for me to make judgement on it, but what I will say is that it may go multi-plat and MIGHT be average, though don't take that as gospel by any means I'm basing it purely off Double Agent and the fact it is had to be revamped.

Mass Effect 2 - No details on it whatsoever, probably won't be in 2009 and it might be multi-plat.

Bubble Buddy4210d ago

I would want Alan Wake and Splinter Cell :D

Yipee Bog4210d ago

other than that I really dont care. halo was alright, missing lasting appeal. Alan wake what? exactly. splinter cell, meh, not my cup of tea. and whats ninja blade?

phosphor1124210d ago

--Splinter Cell: Conviction: I can bet will be on PS3..Ubisoft loves money. Besides, whats all the delay's been about?? Anyway, I love Splinter Cell games (Dont even compare SC and MGS those are two different/great games)

--Mass Effect 2: Will ME was awesome, I could honestly do without an RPG, besides, I've been waiting for a good JRPG for a while now, I've had my fair share of Western RPG's at the moment (not that they are bad, but too much of one thing makes you "sick")

--Alan Wake: While we have nothing other than a few PC previews and screenshots, I think it will be good. Honestly, right now there is nothing to be looked forward to for the game, other than it is coming form Remedy, and they have made a fair share of great games (can someone say Max Payne 1 & 2? those were freakin great). I'm hoping it will be great, I think it will go multiplat though, to be honest. It's not just my Sony side of me hoping it will, Rememdy can use the extra sales (from 360, PC, PS3). They have probably been working on an engine that the 360 can handle and because of that, it has become very resource efficient to the point of being able to port to PC and (or recreate) PS3. Once again, hoping for a great game here. *crosses fingers*

SuperM4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

I find it funny that they mentioned Ninja Blade on that list. Kind of a sign of a lack of games when they mention a game created by From Software.

As for SC conviction and ME2 both of these games might come to PS3, which leaves Halo ODST and Alan Wake. I definately want Alan Wake, and since its coming to PC im going to get it aswell :)

So yea, so far 1 game on 360 for next year that id like on the PS3, Halo 3 ODST. Not very impressive when there is already atleast 8 games coming exclusively to PS3 that im dying to get my hands on. I sure hope MS got some really good unanounced games coming up because so far Sony is murdering MS with their lineup.

Edit: @ above:

Microsoft is publishing Alan Wake, so no its not going multiplat. Dont know if MS owns remedy or if they are just publishing this game, sure hope its the latter, wouldnt want them restricted to only making games on 360, or worse, getting shut down because MS needs money for more DLC or a pricecut.

xwabbit4210d ago

Halo = no
Alan Awake = yes
Ninja Blade = No
Mass Effect 2 = Yes
Splinter Cell = cant say cus haven't played it but prolly will like it

marinelife94210d ago

I'll take Mass Effect 2 (even though I know I won't spend the time to finish it).

Splinter Cell Conviction was a good laugh. I'll pass

No more Halo

Alan Wake looks like it will be good. Remedy is taking their time to make sure it's right.

Ninja Blade?? LMAO Please No!

prunchess4210d ago

I might download Alan Wake if there is a demo, just to see what the fuss is about, but I have no interest in any of the others.

It's going to be mostly multi-plats this year for the 360 so.

No Way4210d ago

Do you really believe UbiSoft went back to the drawing board because of MGS4? The games aren't really that similar, the only thing they have in common is stealth. Sure, they probably payed attention to what Kojima did with MGS4 and took notes, but I highly doubt MGS4 had any impact on Ubi going back to the drawing board..

They went back to the drawing board because of Assassins Creed. The controls for Assassins Creed, as well as the crowd gameplay, was better on Assassins Creed, so they had to go back and attempt to make it better.

Legion4210d ago

You beat me to it. Assassins Creed was the factor that threw them back to the drawing board.

But from what I hear it wasn't that Assassins Creed was better in what it did, but that it was alomost duplicate of it. They saw the backlash of what the game was ranted for and realized that SC would need to improve or be lost in the wake of Assassins Creed.

I liked the previous vid's of SC and hope to see a revamped version out in 2009.

As for the Ninja game, well you would probably have to be a fan of that type of game to be looking forward to it. It really has not been given much media love that I have seen.

Graphics Whore4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

Halo? Is this article serious? I know alot of people who got a PS3 just to escape the Halo fanaticism.

Alan Wake is an interesting Concept need to know more and Mass Effect yeah that's a no brainer.

No PS3 owner gives a crap about GTA4 it was disappointment of the year, why would I want to go back and play it again? Fallout 3 DLC on the other hand that would be nice.

phosphor1124209d ago

Are you serious about MS publishing the game? That's sad news for all gamers. I for one wont be able to play Alan Wake without having to buy a 360 or upgrade my PC. While I can play FPS's fine on my PC, games like Oblivion and Fallout 3 bring my PC down to about 20-30fps. Thats with medium setting, I refuse to go down lower than that, not with my videophile self.

AuToFiRE4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

wow that.. is just... no

SaiyanFury4209d ago

5. HALO? Don't care I have enough FPS games on PS3.
4. Ninja Blade? No thanks I'd rather play Tenchu.
3. Another Tom Clancy game? I never got into any of the other ones so why would this one matter?
2. Mass Effect 2? Never played the original and besides, I'll be too busy with Cross-Edge, a great upcoming Japanese RPG to even bother.
1. I will admit Alan Wake looks mysterious and cinematic, but that's what we have Heavy Rain for.

Please bear in mind that I do own a 360 and I do enjoy many games on it, but as a gamer who prefers Japanese games I spend most of my time playing games on my PS3.

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pp4210d ago

So now the Pathetic animals are after Xbox360 exclusive's after finding out their weak 09 ps3 Exclusive's.

cayal4210d ago

It was written by an X-Box site, sounds like this is an attempt to ramp up that pathetic lineup the 360 has in 09.

cliffbo4210d ago

you do know that there are 33 exclusives for the PS3 for 2009... right? and those are the ones we know about


lolololololololololol, thats hilarious, i never seen that before

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Fishy Fingers4210d ago

Not sure who "they" are. But they're 5 games I've certainly got my eye on and some that I'm sure many PS3 ownly owners would like to see in their collection.

TheHater4210d ago

As both a ps3 and xbox 360 owner, I could care less for all of those games except Mass Effect 2. That they only game I will be getting on my xbox 360 that is on that list.

NO_PUDding4210d ago

Fishy, stop trying to be democratic.

The point is all the 360 exclsuive AAA games aren't announced yet. They will be soon, I imagine.

Then again, we don't know Sony's whole lineup for 2009. I can tell you it will get bigger.

Fishy Fingers4210d ago

NO_PUDding, stop trying to tell people who to act, hows that?

lordgodalming4210d ago

Holy cow, now we have users complaining about "democratic" posts? For the record, Fishy, I've always found you to be a class act on here.

Back on topic. Ninja Blade and Alan Wake both have tremendous potential, but I'd like to see a bit more gameplay from both before I start wishing too hard for a port.

UNCyrus4210d ago

Again, I'm not quite sure who "they" are either... The only game I really care about on that list is Mass Effect 2

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Karum4210d ago

While I am interested in Alan Wake I can't agree with it's inclusion in the list simply because we know virtually nothing about the game. It's the same reason I'm not yet excited about Heavy Rain, yeah it sounds interesting as does Alan Wake but I know virtually nothing about either game.

From that list the only one that really interests me that I'd love on my PS3 is Ninja Blade.

Valkyrie834210d ago

There is a good bit of information known about it, just not available to the public yet because of NDA signings......looks very promising and different to say the least!

Karum4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

Yeah but until I know about it, that isn't much use :p

If the author of the article knows a lot more but is under NDA then fair enough I can respect his inclusion of the game.

Very much looking forward to hearing a lot more about both games though :)

SuperM4210d ago

Is there any game on that list that we know alot about? Halo ODST? No gameplay shown. ME2? Not even announced. SC conviction? i dont know much about it but that might just be me not paying attention.

As for Alan Wake we definately know the general idea of the game and the story. And it is very interesting. Alan Wake should top this list, and it does, nothing wrong with that.

Gambit074209d ago

There is quite a few previews about Heavy Rain out, that at least give you an idea of what the game is.

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PirateThom4210d ago

Is Mass Effect 2 confirmed to even be in production yet?

TheHater4210d ago

yep. I think the series is a trilogy. I may be wrong.

Bnet3434210d ago

It was confirmed a trilogy.

PirateThom4210d ago

I know it's a trilogy, but has work actually started on it because Dragon Age and The Old Republic are known to be under development with 2009 release dates.

kazuma4210d ago

yeap, alan wake, mass effect 2, splinter cell 2009 release.

why? because you saw them here

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