Best Platformer of 2022

VGChartz's Christian Evans: "Considering the storied history of the platform game, and how many of the big gaming mascots - Mario, Sonic, and Crash of course spring to mind - are indelibly linked with the genre, there was quite a dearth of pure platformers as potential nominees for the title of best in 2022. Though many of the biggest releases last year that are categorized elsewhere incorporated platforming elements, as seen in the likes of Elden Ring and Bayonetta 3, to emphasise the importance of the mechanics to the industry, it was left to a few old-school mascots with a new lick of 3D paint (and a handful of indie efforts) to fly the flag in this category."

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Leeroyw261d ago

Elden ring. Getting that horse around was.... Oh boy. A challenge. I kid.


Sonic Frontiers: The Final Horizon update set to bring new story, characters and challenges

Sonic Frontiers is set to receive a brand-new free 'The Final Horizon' update next month.

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SEGA boss on Sonic Frontiers success, considering remakes and reboots

SEGA president and COO Yukio Sugino talks Sonic Frontiers success plus interest in approaches like remakes and reboots.

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GoodGuy0980d ago

Sonic Adventures 1+2 and then make 3 dammit.

phoenixwing79d ago

I'd definitely pony up the cash for sonic adventure anything honestly. Even just remasters. If they rebooted it I'd love that too.

Number1TailzFan79d ago

Speaking of SA1 & 2 what happened to Amy's model in SA2? IMO the one in the first game was much better.. why they had to change it IDK.

DivineHand12579d ago

Agreed but if they are going to remake Sonic Adventures 2, they should remove the knuckles and rouge levels as they are tideous. They should also update the stage designs to the level of frontier as I found it to be the best 3D sonic game.

autobotdan80d ago

Sonic Advance 1-3 Remastered collection

ClayRules201279d ago

Just don’t mess it up, please lol.

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Why the Separation Between Modern and Classic Sonic is a Double-Edged Sword

The divide between both iterations of Sonic is now reaching spin-off territory, and the way Sega is handling it is both a blessing and a curse.

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