Xbox Series S vs PlayStation 4 Pro - The four teraflop face-off

Digital Foundry : Comparable GPU power but a generation apart - and there's only one winner.

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SullysCigar73d ago

That moment when you compare a 'current gen' console to a last gen... and scrape a win.

And it wasn't even the most powerful last-gen console. Strange flex.

darthv7273d ago

Even though he addresses your last part in the video, it would have been interesting to see the One X added in. Especially since there have been some Series patches for some of the games now that weren't present at the time they did their initial comparison.

anubusgold73d ago

@darthv72 Those crap cpus was always the consoles main problem those amd cpus was bad for gaming 10 years ago they was slow as crap and the ones in consoles was made for laptops. The series S is fine Amd cpus was 60+fps slower than intel cpus back then and those was laptop cpus that are even slower so the main problem has been solved with the consoles. And before you console people get salty the benchmarks dont lie even the new Amd 1000 series cpus that launched that brought Amd back from the dead they was still losing in gaming to intel by 40+fps in games and those were the first good amd cpus since the Phenom 2 cpus in 2008. The FX cpus which the consoles were based off of were so bad that the old cpus beat them in benchmarks i remember i sold my new cpu after one day and bought a old one because the old ones was far faster in games than the new ones because FX was a server cpu.

SullysCigar73d ago

Agreed @darthv72. If you absolutely MUST compare it to last gen - which still seems bonkers at this stage - then you pick the stronger last gen console. That also being part of it's own lineage / evolution.

But even then, they were looking at Cyberpunk 2077. This again is a bit of a stretch towards a preferred outcome, given just how much effort - and over such a lengthy period - the Series S version has had lavished upon it.

Vits73d ago

Yeah, completely unprecedented...

thesoftware73073d ago ShowReplies(4)
Bathyj73d ago

I haven't watched this but I'm sure if you compare stats and numbers then SX will come out in front (as it most definitely should) but if you compare the real world factors that actually matter (you know, the games) I'm willing to bet games like Last of Us II, Ghost of Tsushima, God of war Ragnarok and Horizon forbidden West stack up and surpass anything that runs on Series S, or X for that matter.

Why do we still care about power?
Show me the money.

PrinceOfAnger72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I wouldn't say that Ghost of Tsushima, God of war Ragnarok surpass anything on series X

Ragnarok was not even on the list in DF 2022 best graphics/tech video but there was
A Plague Tale Requiem and callisto protocol.
In 2020 Microsoft flight sim was ranked above Ghost of Tsushima, demon souls, Last of us 2. but that was pc ver don't know how SX compares but the game run SX.

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darthv7273d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Series S is a great little system. Where I feel it needed just a bit more work is the memory. It may have 10gb of really fast and more efficient memory compared to the 12gb in the one X... its that 2gb deficit that holds back certain games from running in One X enhanced mode on the Series S and instead they run in One S mode. Not every dev is willing to go back and make another patch specific for the Series line of consoles. Some have like Cyberpunk and Jedi: Fallen Order but majority will not.

As for this comparison, I get that they wanted to just do stock comparisons but who hasn't upgraded their Pro spinning HDD with a much quieter and quicker SSD? Hell, i even upgraded the HDD in my One X to SSD as well. It really helps with loading and streaming assets.

crazyCoconuts73d ago

It's all relative to price... At $299 it's only $100 away from a PS5, which is significant better at everything. At $220 I might agree with the great little system comment. It's certainly a great option for those that can't afford better

GamerRN73d ago

You can often find it for 240$.

It's great for people who don't have 4k TV's and are on a budget

Crows9073d ago


That's a strange concession...considering if you buy all digital you're clearly not on a budget. Digital pricing isn't as low as physical...though there are many deals. Series s also pushes gamepass so that's an additional cost that would be against going on a low budget.

Hofstaderman73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I’m agree with GamerRN, as a budget machine it makes a lot of sense. That coupled with the fact that you can use it to run emulators makes it enticing. The only thing that stopped me from pulling the trigger is that it will likely become obsolete as this generation progresses and games become more demanding. I would be interested inclined to pick one up if Elder Scrolls 6 is released on it, sooner if Starfield is any good.

anubusgold72d ago

@Crows90 Are you smoking weed i get one year old games on steam sales for like 10 dollars thats why i have 600 plus games on my steam account. and epic games and amazon gives away like 5 free games every month you are crazy digital is cheap as crap.

Babadook772d ago (Edited 72d ago )


Even steam sales can’t compete with buying discs and reselling them.

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Godmars29073d ago

Thing is Series S shouldn't exist. There shouldn't be a need for it, not at the start of the gen its a part of, aside from MS's need to increase Xbox's market value.

CBaoth73d ago

bingo. There ya go. MS only wanted to increase marketshare with a low cost entry level console. Without the G how bad would things be right now for MS? Sony has sold 30mil PS5's while Series G/X sits collectively around 20mil. Which means in reality its flagship console has sold less than 10mil. Look at Japan. All those Uncle Phil trips to the Land of the Rising Sun resulted in 100k sales last year there (55% G sales) and a bunch of old games going to GP. Woohoo!

anubusgold72d ago

It should exist if your tv is 4k and stuck at 60 fps its a waste of time. I rather take 1080P and 1440P at 120 fps any day of the week over 4k. I get higher frame rates and HDR as well 4K is stupid and a waste of power and none of the consoles can run it native so they have to uprez it and it looks blury because of it.

jznrpg73d ago

Lol nice spin there DF Ms shills

MadLad73d ago

They're actually about as neutral as you get. They only present actual stats

They're only Microsoft shills the moment the majority of N4G don't like their findings.

GamerRN73d ago

This site is heavily skewed in one direction...

Crows9073d ago

I'm sorry but nobody cared about a series s vs PS4 also makes little sense.

darkrider73d ago

Payed publicity. Nothing more. The video should be the way around. How can the pro hold so good with a trash cpu against a 2020 console. That should be the video...

goldwyncq73d ago

Totally not biased here I see

HardKnockKid2473d ago

Except it didn’t hold up well, it lost every comparison and most times substantially so…. What are you even talking about

VariantAEC72d ago

Digital Foundry alreadly looked at most of these games for all these systems. 5 were compared here, but importantly the recent releases Cyberpunk 2077, The Calisto Protocol and Elden Ring all looked the same on PS4 and Xbox One. Oliver (this video's host/narrator/creator) noted that GTA5 and The Witcher III respective devs stopped doing last gen systems updates a long time ago with CP2077 just launched it's final last-gen update.

With all that in mind, DF knows SSDs improve PS4/Pro loading, asset streaming and sometimes performance, additionally PS4/Pro allow users an easy way to replace the HDD unlike Xbox One/X. Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring could've seen benefits on PS4 Pro by simply using an SSD.

1. Elden Ring on PS4 Pro looked very similar to Xbox Series S and while performance was worse giving Series S a win, Pro was only just a hair worse and Oliver noted VRR saves the day on S.

2. The Witcher III just got a next-gen update and looks and performs noticeably better on Series S this is an objective solid win for S, no arguments here.

3. Cyberpunk 2077 looks about the same on Pro and S, but sufferes from asset streaming issues on Pro likely due to HDD also S has better performance and renders at a higher res. A clear win for S even if the game's visual settings are the same (aside from resolution). It probably shouldn't be this close.

4. GTA5 hasn't been updated to leverage Pro or X last-gen while there have been multiple next-gen patches and newly implemented RT. S doesn't get RT so the game looks the same but runs marginally better at a higher res. A win for S again but again why is it so close? Pro was the weaker of the two enhanced consoles last gen.

5. Finally The Calisto Protocol we know this game released in a rough state looking identical on all last gen consoles meaning we know Pro/X aren't being well utilized and so its no surprise we see a massive gulf in visuals between Pro and S when Xbox One was the barrier for entry last gen.
Oliver ...As I said at the outset of the there's very little distinguish them [XO/S/X and PS4/P] really, they generally do look very similar.
He does go on to explain that Pro and X get better shadows and post process effects specifically motion blur and DoF appear better on Pro/X but no other changes are visible between launch and enhanced last gen machines. He also says Pro and X target 1440p resolution using dynamic scaling though he says Pro gets a clarity lead despite Pro's resolution falling under 1440p in his pixel counts.

All this is explained from 5:50 to 9:00 mark in the video linked below. Performance is touched on later in the video where X takes point but only just so.

So out of 5 games tested between next gen S and last gen Pro, S gets slim leads except in The Witcher III and The Calisto Protocol 3. Just 5 titles and the wins really boil down to smoother performance and better resolutions alone in 3 out of the 5 games.

That's not good, but that's just my take.

HardKnockKid2471d ago

Lol please summarize that wall of text, not reading that Variant

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Sciurus_vulgaris73d ago

The Series S has a more advanced GPU, faster RAM and a much powerful CPU. It should obviously outperform the PS4 Pro.

darthv7273d ago

Obvious is not so obvious. Especially when people fixate on a number. They think the Pro being 4.2tf is more powerful than the 4tf of the SS. Which is why they have to prove why the numbers arent indicative of what things really are. Just like how some people can't fathom how the 4tf SS can be better than the 6tf one X or even how a 4cyl engine can outperform 6 and even 8cyl.

darkrider73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

This is ridiculous and embarrassing. Df should have done with the one x. They didn't because things would go very badly. Comparing a console from last gen to something with two years says everything we need to know about the s... The only plus for the s it's being cheap. It's vastly underpowered and cross Gen.

Tacoboto73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

They have already done a One X vs Series S video. In fact, it was done one year and one week ago. By the same guy. SSD-enhanced Xbox One X at that - literally in the title of the video.

You people are ridiculous and really have no idea what you're complaining about.

Orchard73d ago

If you watch the video, they address why they're comparing against PS4 Pro in the first minute.

Tacoboto73d ago

They address why in the opener of the video's title. He doesn't even have to watch but it's clear his only take away was "Series S, time to troll"

darkrider73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I don't want to watch the video. It doesn't make any sense any kind of comparison with a console from 2016.... We are at 2023... Embarrassing its the word that come to my mind... Its even worst the diference are minimal and if it wasn't for the trash cpu jaguar..

What df should be saying is how a 2016 console can be sooooo close to the s. Unbelievable.

darthv7273d ago

No... it wouldnt go 'very badly', quite the opposite actually. They already did a One X vs Series S and at that time it can be understood that many of the games used were not Series patched. So basically it was One X enhanced games against One standard games.Since that time, many games have received proper Series enhancement patches and exceed the levels of the One X as a result.

darkrider73d ago

Stop lying just go see the flagship title halo. It's just ridiculous. It's runs at lower rez. And that not the only. Again, if it wasn't for the cpu...

The series s is for casual and will always have the worst version of all games by a gen. It's the only console that does 1080p dynamic rez in tons of gsmed. That drops to 720p even to 540p....

dumahim73d ago

They compared the two as the TF numbers are very close to each other.

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