Mortal Shell: Complete Edition Switch Review - A Watered-Down Experience - The Koalition

Joshua Limage of The Koalition writes: There is nothing like a good fantasy RPG. A game that requires time, effort, and skill to combine itself into an unforgettable adventure for the player. What makes a similar game stand out from another? We’ve seen countless fantasy RPGs throughout the years, some trying to leap over the others, and others that reside in the shadow of those more successful.

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MadLad66d ago

Mortal Shell - good game
Nintendo Switch - bad hardware

Combine them together and, as usual, you get a lackluster experience.

Double_O_Revan66d ago

I was kind of excited to have this on a handheld. Would've been cool to take on the go. But after watching all the performance deep dives, it runs as bad as the new Pokemon game. Maybe worse. Too bad. There were parts were the frame rate drops below 15fps. Not good for a Souls-like game that requires precise button presses.

HyperMoused65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

The switch was lack lustre in power when it came out, nothing has changed, it was made for dumbed down Nintendo kid graphics, trying to get it to play games like MS etc is not what it was designed for.