The PlayStation BRAHcast: Episode 28 – PlayStation’s 2023, Part I

The PlayStation Brahs:

"PlayStation as a brand is poised to have a huge year overall in 2023. Listen as the guys talk about everything from the DualSense Edge, Forspoken, PlayStation VR2, Naughty Dog, and much more in part I of PlayStation's 2023."

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jznrpg135d ago

It’s what they haven’t announced that I’m most interested in. Obviously FF16 SpiderMan 2 with PSVR2 are the biggest draws but I’ve very curious as to what’s coming later this year and early next year .
I don’t think they want to have very many games announced way too early like MS did with a bunch of games that still ah ent released yet and some that were announced that are still years away .
They clearly have a lot of games in the world but when they are going to show them is a mystery . I would guess sometime around Feb-April they will have some sort of event/state of play .