One Thousand Pokémon - Pokémon Company Celebrates over 1000 Pokémon introduced into the series

"Twenty-six years after the release of the original Pokémon games—Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Green Version in Japan—the number of Pokémon discovered has finally surpassed one thousand!

Let’s celebrate the occasion with a look back at some of your favorite Pokémon!"

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Elronza68d ago

Sad how sorry the series has become.

Inverno68d ago

Maybe now is a good time to stop making more and focusing on making better models and maybe improving designs? The art style has been very inconsistent, and some could even be their own Pokemon.

MadLad68d ago

After series 2, they basically have been pulling designs out of their, well, you know.

Name Last Name68d ago

Very nostalgic video. I was a fan from Red/Blue to XY but lost interest with Sun/Moon.