Top 11 Things We Want to See in Fable

With Fable well into development for a couple of years now, here are 11 things we want to see featured in the game.

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deleted256d ago

The top thing I want to see in Fable is the damn release already!

(and no, despite not being British, I do not want them removing the British humor. I love their dry, sarcastic wit)

Lifexline255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

But if it’s not ready why get a release date only to then complain that’s it’s so far away.

Just keep the same concept and improve the fable games are great as is. They have a huge following of fans. Most people who don’t like fable it’s because they are expecting it to be like other traditional wrpg’s. But it’s a unique series with so much mixed in to it a little bit of the sims and other rpg’s. They all have sold well so clearly the formula is working and I really hope they don’t deviate too much from it. If anything improve on the sim features like the family aspect of it like when you have a kid and finding a relationship things like that.

But they need to take all the time they need. No rush people need to stop rushing developers only to bitch about it being unfinished later on.

Flawlessmic255d ago

Was gonna say something similar, I mean it was announced 3 years ago, at this point the bare minimum would be a gameplay trailer at e3, surely that has to show up there.

lucian229256d ago

game is going to bomb, i don't know when xbox fanboys (whatever is left of them) are keeping hope for this game. All the fables blew except from part 1. They were all under delivered and full of false promises, and now they are developed by a company that has only made racing games before. LOL i mean come on

MadLad255d ago

And Guerilla Games only made FPS until Horizon Zero Dawn.
Naughty Dog was only known for their platformers before they went purely 3rd person cover shooter.

What's your point? You know these devs can actually work outside of their wheelhouse, right?

lucian229253d ago

Yeah but in Xbox case.... They've been bombing since 360. I'm tired of false promise and giving them a chance lmao

Tacoboto255d ago

Fable 2 was received better than 1 - except for those awful menu load times. Also I tell myself 3 didn't exist.

But MadLad gets it - Playground Games have only given us quality, and other devs have branched out successfully.

This team is also brand new and the leads that left to form their own studio left the Forza team, not the new team built up for Fable, and Eidos Montreal is assisting development. It could suck or bomb but it is far too early to be pissy on a game only having a CG trailer.

crazyCoconuts255d ago

I agree with the sentiment that this will probably be a challenge for the team. But some teams rise to the challenge. I'd rather hope they succeed than write it off as a failure straight away.
That being said, of course it's going to fail (J/K)

hotnickles255d ago

Hopefully a prequel in the hero golden age. No guns and colonial architecture or king duties. Fable 1 was special and they need to capture that again. I imagine the perfect fable being a silly version Witcher 3.

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Crows9094d ago

They gotta bring back those gargoyles!

Dudeson94d ago

I'd love to play it again, this time on pc though. Forever waiting on that pc port.

GaboonViper94d ago

Loved this game, oh and i always saved my dog at the end, hope the new Fable has a animal companion.

got_dam94d ago

Fable 2 was the best inthe series. Peter waaaaaaay over promised with fable 1 and it was good but disappointing. He didn't go crazy eith hype for the second game and it was surprisingly awesome. Then he ran his mouth promoting 3 and it was the worst of the 3.

cthulhucultist94d ago

Funny story: Fable 3 had a funny way of keeping the promises you made in the first half of the game and having enough money to defeat the darkness.

You only had to collect enough money to buy 2 stores in a busy market district. You then raise the prices to maximum and you turn xbox 360 internal clock 99 or more years ahead.

The next time you load the game, all the rents from the 99 years are collected immediately.

But yes I agree that 3 was the weakest of the three.

Demetrius93d ago

I only got to play it once 😩 I'm so tempted to buy a Xbox 360 slim but planning on getting the series x soon since I got a PS5 in February Im ready to get saints row 1&2 back, GTA 4, fable 2, but I also want to play infamous 1&2 again Sony screwed us over with the stream only for saints row 2 and other gems smh


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darthv72103d ago

I didn't watch it as it happened. I watched it the next day and was impressed with much of what I saw. Ordered me a controller as a result.

dumahim103d ago

Glad I'm not the only one who thought Keanu sounded off. It almost looks/sounds like he lost a tooth.


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