Resident Evil’s first-aid sprays are real, yours for just $215

Resident Evil, the iconic Capcom horror game, brings the ultimate fan service with a new first-aid collector’s box, ahead of Leon Kennedy’s return in RE4 Remake

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Duke19142d ago

Lol over $200 for some shitty drink mixes

Burrito26a142d ago

On the pre order page it says it's only $189.

Duke19142d ago

Idk, article says $215 USD, but regardless - just more hilariously overpriced garbage.

JBlaze226142d ago

@Burrito26a it's in EUR. I just checked how much it would cost if it will ship to my house and it will cost over 200

JBlaze226142d ago

the $189 seems understandable for what it brings. it's the collector's edition is complete crap.

Minute Man 721142d ago

Does it prevent me from becoming a zombie once bitten? If not...Hard Pass 😆 🤣

1Victor142d ago

Aaaaaa my wallet is crying “don’t buy it I don’t want to starve “ while my game collector part of my brain is screaming “ get it , get it you know you we need it”

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