Games Rader Interview Bethesda on Oblivion PS3

Games Radar Video Interview with Pete Hines, Bethesda's Vice President of PR and Marketing. Pete covers a variety of topics including:
* why some of the 360 downloadable content is not on the Blue Ray disc for the PS3 version. (Nothing to do with memory limitations!)
* why most of the improvements in visual quality probably won't be making it back to 360 and PC versions. (Console specific code isn't portable)
* Info on the PSP version.
* future downloadable content for all versions.
* and much more...

Well worth a look for all Oblivion fans..

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CAPS LOCK4893d ago

am i the only one who thinks this game is crap? i have it on pc, i bought it a couple of months ago for 20 pounds and i still think it is crap. i mean what am i missing? someone please show me how to enjoy this game. shall i make a new character? i have one already whos kinda weak and when i steal or commit a crime i get all these poice following me and never leaving me alone. someone HELP ME enjoy this game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4892d ago

your not alone I hated it to.


Dont be angry that its best on the ps3, and that the pc and 360 versions wont be able to match it. The developer states * why most of the improvements in visual quality probably won't be making it back to 360 and PC versions, its because of the code which is not portable therefore proving the ps3 is superior to the 360 and pc. Even with the patch it still wont look as good otherwise the developer would not have said that.

M1am1U4893d ago

except that each system has proprietary code that can't be duplicated on the other. There are "improvements" that can be made on every system that aren't portable to any of the other systems. I think people read too much into statements like that. It looks great on the 360, and it's going to look great on the PS3. That's really the bottom line.

Fuzz McDeath4892d ago

Why would Bethesda go back and update a year + old game that has already sold millions of copies on 360 and PC? For a few new gamers who may not have played it yet? That makes a lot of fiscal sense - Conan, your keen understanding of the business indicates that you must be the head of a major software developer.

Also, he doesn't even begin to suggest that neither the PC or 360 are capable of what the PS3 version accomplishes. The fact of the matter is, a developer has to "pretty up" a game when they're trying to convince PS3 owners to buy something thats a year old - its not cause its better, its because its the only reason to get it.

GamerMan4893d ago

Is there a 3rd person view to this game.. everything I have seen has been first person and I don't think I'm ready for another first person RPG game... I normally get aggrevated with them.

ACE4893d ago

this game is amazing , if ur playing it on the 360 click the right stick in turns it in to 3rd person view personly i prefer the first person view .

as for the funny comment of its gona be better on ps3 lol . listen carfully at what he says :) .... i wont waist my time arguing with sony fanatics .

happy gaming to everyone

GamerMan4892d ago

Good to know there is a 3rd person view... looks like I might get this after all ... Would of gotten it sooner but was sucked into the Final Fantasy world and it is hard to break me away from those games when i get started.

Look forward to playing this game and glad that they don't play favorites and really try to optimize the game for all systems.

Game on everyone.

big_tim4893d ago

he said they don't play favorites. This means it will be just as enjoyable on all of the platforms. The PS3 will eventually get all the same content as the 360 version. So, take it for what it is.

bigmack4893d ago

no matter, what im getting it on the PS3. And guess what...i'll be great.

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