Final Fantasy 16 isn't coming to PC, producer says 'Buy a PS5'

It'll be exclusive on PS5 for at least 6 months.

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lelo2play68d ago

FF15 was bad. FF7Remake was average. Not much will be lost if they don't bring FF16 to PC.

Snookies1268d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Lol, what are you on about? FF15 was a solid game, despite the later half being rushed. FF7 Remake was amazing. And FF16 looks like it could be the best entry in the series since the glory days of the franchise. (Not just because of trailers, but because of the team working on it.)

Sonyslave368d ago

I give you combat wise they have a top dawg from Capcom working on combat.

-Foxtrot68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

FF15 was a rush from start to finish, you could literally see parts played out which made no sense in the context of the story and parts that we’re just missing.

Like Prompto just suddenly telling the gang he has a barcode to get through the door revealing he was born as a clone for Niflheim's magitek infantry…like where the f*** did that come from? The game has a bunch of these moments

Luna was so undeveloped for being the main characters love interest. The big bad was underdeveloped. Most of the characters were.

SegaSaturn66968d ago

I had an absolute blast with ff15 until the very final portion of it. When I look at the footage from ff16, it seems less ambitious than 15 which is a major sticking point for me.

RedDevils68d ago

FF15 was a boring game. same FF13. However FF16 look more interesting I hope is not another borefest.

PapaBop67d ago

FF16 definitely looks like a return to form but FF14 is a return of the glory days.. once you get past ARR, it's one of the best gaming stories ever told for me with some amazing character development. Emet-Selch is the best antagonist in the series since Sephiroth.

FinalFantasyFanatic67d ago

FF15 and solid game do not belong in the same sentence, that game was the Duke Nukem Forever of the Final Fantasy franchise. It was a hodge podge of incomplete ideas despite having good bones to make a good FF game.

sadraiden67d ago

While I highly enjoyed FF15, it's definitely a highly flawed game. Game design choices are baffling in some parts.

I think the most fair criticism to levy against modern FF games is that they don't have any soul remaining and they don't resemble the genre that made it popular in the first place.

shinoff218366d ago

Ff15 was not solid. It wasnt

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Babadook768d ago

“FF7Remake was average”

Nope. It was amazing.

--Onilink--68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I’d give it a solid 8.

My biggest complaint would be that the vast majority of side missions/content were 2000’s MMO level garbage.

The only other I could think if is that is was pretty easy to tell some locations in the game received a lot more love and graphical polish than others (not surprising given the somewhat troubled development)

But overall it was quite good, both amazing or average seem too far of the on the ends of the spectrum to me for what I would call it

Babadook768d ago (Edited 68d ago )

The gameplay was respectful to the original. The story was also great like the original but added a lot of enjoyable nuance. The actors were great. I’d give a 9.2.

sadraiden67d ago

I'm stoked that you enjoyed it, but it was a step backwards from FF15 in terms of character control. The removal of the jump ability makes it feel like a downgrade from 15.

I like FF7, so I play FF7 on ps1.

CrimsonWing6968d ago

How was FF7 Remake average!? Like... I can't even fathom how anyone could come to that conclusion.

shinoff218366d ago

I liked the story and the direction they are going. I still want and originally thought remake was gonna be just boosted graphics. Far as what we got it was good but not top 10 good imo maybe not even 20. I've also been gaming for 30 years.

It didn't feel very final fantasy to me at all. Seemed like an action game etc

CrimsonWing6966d ago (Edited 66d ago )


I do, and always will, prefer turn-based to real-time battles, but the hybrid gameplay that they come up with was absolutely brilliant.

The game was a 10/10 for me, but you have to remember that there’s going to be 3 parts to this and put all together I think this really could rival the original.

I mean that’s not something an “average” game could do, in my humble opinion.

Thundercat7768d ago

😂 FF7 Remake was a master piece. Amazing peace of work. Not much will be lost of you don't buy it.

andy8568d ago

Good job a completely different team is in charge of it then isn't it? A very very good team. Also, the remake scored 89. So it categorically wasn't average.

shinoff218366d ago

So what what it scored it's still all just opinions

wiegraf68d ago

Ff7 "remake" is not just bad, it's bait and switch.

GhostScholar68d ago

15 was ok but 7 remake was near perfect in my opinion.

ChiefofLoliPolice68d ago

Yeah not sure what your playing FF15 was solid. FF7 remake was fantastic.

repsahj68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I agree with FF15, but FF7 remake for me is awesome. And I think FF16 will also be great.

Tapani67d ago

Fully agreed. FF15 is so called Kusoge ("crap game") in Japan, and FF7 Remake is a Disney version of the original, but includes bad pacing, filler episode anime storyline and worse music. Since FFXII (a fantastic game itself) and FFXIV (great story and music) the series has been dead to me. I really wanted my money back after both FFXV and FF7R.

FFXVI on the other hand is made by some of the best storytellers left at Square Enix (DQ team and Nier team being the others), so I'm quite hopeful.

jambola67d ago

If you think it's been dead since 2006 and still buy them
It's on you if you're still disappointed

shinoff218366d ago

Ff12 was kinda whack to and started the final fantasy not feeling like final fantasy trend

1Victor67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Lelo “ FF15 was bad. FF7Remake was average. Not much will be lost if they don't bring FF16 to PC.“

It’s time to take a bath we can smell the saltiness on you aster all the time swimming on the Dead Sea

PapaBop67d ago

If FF7r was average to you, what would you consider a good JRPG?

babadivad67d ago

Eventhough we know it will be anyway.

darkrider67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

If only others could make average games like the ff7 remake... Don't understand why so many keep crying that can't play it? Like square says buy a ps5

shinoff218366d ago

I agree which really sucks because before ff was my favorite series since a kid playing ff1 on nes. It sucks to see what it's turned into. It doesn't even feel like a role playing game.

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Neonridr68d ago

being exclusive for at least 6 months is not the same as it isn't coming to another platform.

Outside_ofthe_Box68d ago

I think people are confused because MS said it was exclusive forever. It'll come after 6 months people just need to wait.

Vengeance113868d ago

In terms of being on Xbox, it just might be a forever exclusive. Very good chance FF 16 never sees the light of day on an Xbox platform.

curtain_swoosh68d ago

"isnt coming to pc ... its exclusive to ps5 for 6 months"

Asplundh68d ago

Well so much for the "Sony didn't cut a deal, it's not coming to Xbox due to sales" defense.

Eonjay68d ago

To clarify all the director is saying is that it's won't be out on PC within 6 months. The title is clickbait. He NEVER said it would show up at all

Asplundh68d ago

He never directly said it because he's under contract, he hinted by asking "Why is it like a PC version is releasing 6 months later?".

If you watch the video in the article that Sony posted on Twitter, it says "Final Fantasy XVI anticipated summer 2023. PS5 exclusive for 6 months.", what more do you need?

Eonjay68d ago

Yeah it's definitely coming to PC. A six month wait would be perfect as it would make a nice Christmas present for PC gamers. It's either, he's not supposed to talk about it or it's gonna be more than six months.

RedDevils68d ago

Xbox casual fan don't buy JRPG games.

Asplundh67d ago

Yes sales were much lower on Xbox, but FF15 sold enough to warrant putting the games on Xbox.

badz14967d ago


yeah...because breaking even is definitely worth all the effort of porting a game to a platform /s

Asplundh67d ago

Show me where they broke even?
It sold over a million copies, more than enough to justify the port.