Motherhood doesn’t mean giving up on gaming

From Polygon: "It was just me, The Penitent One, and Our Lady of the Charred Visage. I was ducking and dodging purple laser beams like a pro, and she was down to less than half her health. I knew I would defeat her this time.

Then my 3-week-old daughter woke up and started crying. While feeding her, I kept running through the attack pattern in my mind, desperate to hold onto the feeling of accomplishment and pending victory that awaited me in Blasphemous. By the time I got her back to sleep and unpaused the game, I died in less than two minutes."

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TriniOutsider70d ago

Another hit piece from the writers at Polygon lol

Si-Fly69d ago

Might hit harder once you have kids 👍🏻

jznrpg69d ago

When my kids were just born I actually had more time to play as they sleep a LOT but now that they are 5-6 years old I don’t nearly as much time .